14 Mar 2017

Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance (GATA II) Training Services

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance (GATA II) Training Services

Department of State

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Michele T. Hartigan, Contracting Officer, Phone 5712269619, Email hartiganmt@state.gov – John Jerrell, Contract Specialist, Phone 5712269688, Email JerrellJW@state.gov


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The Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, is looking for sources to provide qualified instructor personnel in support of the Office of Anti Terrorism Assistance.

The US Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Training Directorate, Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (DS/T/ATA) manages the antiterrorism assistance program. ATA assists foreign partners to develop the capability for antiterrorism planning and coordination and commitment to support US counterterrorism objectives. This includes coordinating, synchronizing, implementing and expanding training and technical assistance programs; sharing technology with foreign partners; establishing or strengthening alliances and/or agreements, regional partnerships, and security assistance programs; promoting interagency cooperation among foreign government security and law enforcement forces; and supporting exchange programs.

The program’s geographic reach is extensive, having trained over 150,000 foreign police and civilian security officials in over 154 countries since inception in 1983. Country assistance plans are implemented through advanced training, technical assistance, and equipment grants including computers and software. Capacity building projects are tailored to the needs of each Partner Nation.

DS/T/ATA requires contractor support for ATA’s specialized foreign assistance mission. The Global Anti-Terrorism Assistance Training Services (GATA II) contract represents an advanced and specialized foreign assistance program that provides foreign law enforcement with instructional training. The customer for these services is ATA; however the actual recipient of the training will be vetted foreign police and civilian security officials within the Partner Nation. ATA has a course portfolio of approximately 53 courses with 600 scheduled events each year.

Instruction ranges from small unit police tactical training and classroom courses to senior executive seminars, consultations, and technical assessments, including many knowledge-based and skills-based disciplines necessary for an effective antiterrorism capability. During any given week, ATA may conduct 10-20 courses worldwide. Approximately 98 percent of the courses are taught overseas. The remaining courses are taught domestically within the 48 contiguous States. Since its inception in 1983, the GATA program has trained over 67,000 foreign law enforcement and civilian government officials in over 152 countries.

This is a multiple award IDIQ contract and with anticipated award to multiple (four to six) prime contractors. In order to ensure adequate coverage ATA plans to make seven task order (7) awards. Six (6) of the task order awards will be geographically based and consistent with the State Department’s current regional structure and one (1) task order award will be international in scope. Contractors must be US companies based in the United States. Contractors will provide instructor-led training; specialized and advanced technical assistance; and training-related support services.

This contract is unclassified. No facility security clearances or U.S. government personnel security clearances are required at this time. While no personnel security clearances are required, the Contractors shall conduct pre-employment and suitability screening of all potential instructors. The pre-employment and suitability screening shall include vetting each applicant’s BIO, and performing employment history and back ground verification. The U.S. Government reserves the right to require the contractor to provide copies of the screening documentation for review and approval.

To perform successfully under this contract the Contractors will require substantial financial and human resources to coordinate, orchestrate and manage multiple schedules and logistical complexities. The consequences of contract failure are high and include missing coordinated training schedules with Partner Nations, offending foreign officials, and the loss of U.S. credibility or diminished bilateral relations.

In addition, the Contractors must possess the depth and breadth of resources to deliver a wide range of specialized law enforcement training, on-demand, worldwide including in austere, high threat, politically volatile and non-permissive environments as well as possess a working knowledge of the nuances associated with diplomatic relationships. In addition the Contractors must possess the ability to provide domestic facilities, lodging, and cultural services for foreign dignitaries and officials.

The Department of State anticipates release of the solicitation in late February or early March 2017 and contract award by the end of June 2017.

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