Coast Guard and Rescue Tenders: Solutions for Maritime Safety

In total, the United Kingdom is responsible for nearly two million square miles of maritime, aeronautical and land search and rescue (SAR) operations. 

For the coast guard, including search and rescue teams, conducting operations requires crafts and top-tier marine vessels that have been designed and built to withstand the rigours of SAR operations and provide high performance, safety and innovative features. 

Defence Contracts International (DCI) has been a long-standing supporter and supplier of our nation’s coast guard. We’re committed to providing the necessary resources for organisations within the maritime industry, and to ensuring high-quality engagement efforts between the public and private sector. 

Through these efforts, we’re committed to fostering long-term relationships with all our partners, and to further ensure the stability and progressive development of our nation’s coast guard and search and rescue personnel. 

Latest Coast Guard & Rescue Tenders

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Key Defence Procurement Facts

2% GDP spent by UK

40% UK Gov Procurement Spend

No. 5 - UK Ranking by Global spend

$2.24 Trillion Spent on Defence Globally

DCI's Tender Capabilities

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has in recent years changed its procurement and tendering process. New suppliers will be required to register on the Department for Transport (DfT) Jaggaer portal to view any documentation or submit a tender bid. 

These and other changes have increased competition among existing MCA suppliers and newcomers entering the industry. Fortunately, with DCI’s advanced tender capabilities, there’s now an even better opportunity for suppliers to take advantage of Coast Guard and rescue tenders. 

Speed & Maneuverability

We understand that out on the water, every second counts, and that being agile can make a big difference in the near-term of a search and rescue operation. Our online portals have been specifically designed, and configured to help suppliers quickly and efficiently manoeuvre through the seemingly laborious procurement process. 

DCI’s easy-to-use platform ensures that suppliers have access to the necessary tender and bid information in a matter of seconds. DCI tools such as the Spend Analysis and Contracts Decision Maker help suppliers understand past trends and new developments shaping the Coast Guard and rescue sector. 

Durability & Stability

Going against the current requires vessels to withstand harsh sea conditions and unexpected obstacles. The DCI Market Analytics software uses advanced capabilities and integrates high-end search technology to provide suppliers with the ability to overcome the rough conditions they are often faced with. 

More than this, the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Framework helps them to accurately locate and retrieve relevant tenders that allow them the opportunity to increase their business and build new connections. An advanced framework enables suppliers to foster long-standing relationships and further promotes long-term collaboration between public and private entities. 


Without the right technology onboard, navigating the tumultuous waters can become an arduous challenge, leading to unsuccessful missions, and poor communication efforts that can derail any mission. 

Using innovative tools, DCI helps suppliers find rescue tenders, SAR tenders and international rescue committee tenders that can help with the integration of new tools for optimum service delivery and collaboration. 

Survivor Capacity

Using the appropriate maritime safety equipment is key to increasing the accuracy and deliverability of personnel and SAR vessels. DCI assists with configuring business capabilities along with mission requirements to increase support and accuracy. 

We’re constantly on the lookout, and reeling in new tender opportunities that can fit your business needs. Using a trusted partner, and collaborating with the right experts allows your business to flourish, even under the most treacherous conditions. 

Customization and Support

As an experienced supplier, you know what you’re looking for when conducting search and rescue missions. Looking in all the right places helps to improve your accuracy, and allows you to explore new channels each time helps to increase your business opportunities, and services you with a better chance to grow. 

Similar to this, DCI focuses on client-specific needs. We work in a combined effort to design a long-term collaboration structure that can help to put your business in contact with the necessary coast guard tenders and defence contractor tenders. More than this, we’re driven by the ability to partner with businesses of any size, helping to instil the ability to deliver long-term maintenance support for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of a coast guard/rescue tender?

When looking to bid for a coast guard rescue tender, suppliers will need to consider several key features of these unique tenders before submitting their bid proposal. 

For starters, these contracts will provide suppliers with an overview of the requirements, including the tender documentation, length and value of the contract, and further explain the process through which each bidder will be evaluated. Additionally, suppliers must consider the delivery of both their tender proposal and the deadline for when to return the questionnaire. 

Other features might include the importance of highlighting both innovation and advances in technology, how suppliers intend to use these advancements to ensure the safety and protection of civilians, if applicable, and how suppliers will deliver value for money.

Finally, a key feature of coast guard and relevant SAR tenders would be to ensure that suppliers understand and abide by the existing procurement rules set out by the Procurement Act (2015) and understand the possible changes that will come to life with the introduction of the new Procurement Act (2023). 

These efforts ensure that all procurement channels are open to an assortment of suppliers and bidders, helping to make the competition fair, and ultimately securing suppliers that can deliver value for the taxpayer and the government. 

How do I choose the right tender for my coast guard/rescue needs?

Right from the beginning, it’s important to consider your experience within the coast guard and search and rescue sector. Secondly, review all the contract requirements, and ensure that you understand what is being asked, and what businesses will be required to deliver based on rescue tender requirements. 

For effective delivery, ensure that any tender you consider bidding for aligns with your business goals. This will help to determine whether or not SAR tenders will help to grow your business, allow you to collaborate with more established entities, and foster lasting relationships with new business partners in both the public and private sectors. 

How much does a coast guard/rescue tender cost?

On average, tenders with a value of more than £10,000 are published on the MCA’s Contract Finder portal. Additionally, tenders and contracts valued above £138,760 (including VAT) will be published on a separate portal. 

Overall, coast guard, and any other relevant open tenders, including maritime safety equipment tenders, defence contractor tenders, and SAR contracts can range from anything between £5,000 to more than £1 million. Larger contracts can be valued between £2.5 million and as high as £1.6 billion.

Concluding Thoughts 

Don’t be caught out in the rough without the right guidance. Make sure that your business partners with the right agency to help them navigate the challenging and competitive procurement market. 

By collaborating with the right experts, you will have unlimited access to new tender opportunities suited for your business that align with your long-term goals. Make the right choice, and let Defence Contracts International (DCI) introduce you to a new era of finding coast guard and search and rescue tenders that will help you make a difference. 

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