Humanitarian Aid Tenders

DCI regularly updates its contracts portal with Humanitarian Aid tenders. These procurement opportunities are issued by buying organisations and governments in the UK and internationally.

If your business wants to explore opportunities within the humanitarian aid sector, you can tailor your alert profile to achieve this.

Find out more about the types of tenders that are available below.

Latest Humanitarian Aid Tenders

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Key Defence Procurement Facts

2% GDP spent by UK

40% UK Gov Procurement Spend

No. 5 - UK Ranking by Global spend

$2.24 Trillion Spent on Defence Globally

What Humanitarian Aid Tenders Are Available?

There is a vast volume and variety of opportunity within the humanitarian aid and international development sector. DCI works with global organisations and public sector bodies from across the UK and Europe.

Opportunities in the humanitarian aid sector exist across areas including:

  • Education
  • Language and Interpretation Services
  • Emergency Aid
  • Consultancy
  • Accommodation
  • Support Services
  • Transport and Travel

As you can see, humanitarian aid tenders are varied. DCI filter these opportunities to show you today specific tenders, throughout the supply chain, that match the goods or services that your business supplies.

Emergency Humanitarian Aid Tenders

Refugee councils from across the world receive grants from various donors. This allows them to implement different humanitarian aid strategies. Depending on the scale of the emergency, organisations may look for everything from tents to drinking water.

Foreign aid opportunities are excellent for SME businesses that want to find work abroad. Our DCI Ultimate Global package gives customers intelligence and leads from private companies and public sector bodies that are based across the world.

How Much Does The UK Spend On Humanitarian Aid Procurement?

In 2015, the UK spent £12.1 billion on overseas aid, which matches the UN’s target for all developed countries to spend 0.7% of GDP on overseas aid.

The Spring Budget of 2023 has allocated an extra £5 billion to be invested in defence expenditure for the upcoming two years (2023/24 and 2024/25). Furthermore, an additional £2 billion per annum will be dedicated to defence spending in the subsequent years until 2027/28. This substantial increase amounts to a total of £11 billion over the span of five years, demonstrating the commitment to bolstering the defence sector.

*Based on the UK’s Defence Expenditure – The House of Commons Library

Disaster Relief Tenders

The public sector will often give funding to projects that will reduce the chance of damage from future disasters. In 2016, the UK Government spent £700m on flood defence projects to protect communities against increasingly extreme weather.

After a natural disaster like an earthquake or flooding, public sector bodies will often publish procurement opportunities that will assist them with the clean-up procedure.

If your organisation wants to supply disaster relief goods, equipment or emergency services, you can sign up to receive relevant tender alerts to your email.

Humanitarian Aid Tender Requirements

If a disaster was to occur, the Government will source goods and services from suppliers and in some cases, these tenders must meet certain requirements.

For example, the MOD will only work with organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials certification, which the Government made a mandatory requirement from January 2016. All suppliers looking to do business in the defence sector should invest in this certification.

The UK government also has the right to expedite the procurement process in situations such as disasters where no formal bidding process may be required. The opportunity for suppliers is still great however as often the market is niche and the opportunity presented by DCI’s services allow business to expand globally.

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