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The scope of defence procurement in the UK stretches much wider than just military contracts.

Every year we publish thousands of contracts, supporting defence and security organisations to procure the goods and services they require to keep the UK safe.

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Our researchers search not only for opportunities with the MOD but also for new defence-related business opportunities. Our team works with many stakeholders in the wider defence procurement market.

Businesses of all sizes can expand their client portfolio with DCI. We publish thousands of contracts and award notices, including tenders from the following categories:

Counter Terrorism And Security

The UK public sector is investing heavily into counter terrorism and security. DCI ensures that all users are given the critical insight they need to win counter terrorism and security tenders both in the UK and Internationally.


The growth intentions within aviation and space makes aerospace one of the most lucrative global markets. The UK wants to work with innovative organisations of all sizes to develop smart and energy-efficient technologies for civil aviation and aerospace manufacture.

Emergency Services

Emergency service tenders are required throughout the UK. With central government funding these services and with budget provisions increasing, there is a growing need for suppliers in the private sector to offer competitive goods and services.

Defence Infrastructure

A variety of goods, works and services are needed to support the work of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), which manages assets worth more than £21 billion and maintains over 45,000 buildings and 50,000 houses.

Humanitarian Aid

The UK Government and major humanitarian agencies will often publish procurement opportunities that will assist them with the clean-up after natural disasters, flooding and other large-scale emergencies. Humanitarian tenders are suited to suppliers that can provide disaster relief goods, equipment or emergency services.

Ready To Explore New Markets?

Whether you are new to defence procurement or an experienced winner DCI has tools that will enhance your procurement activity and help you become more competitive. Get in touch to discuss how business intelligence can support your team to win more work in the wider defence and security arena.

Latest UK Defence Tenders

RFI0039 RN Modular/Containerised ASW Concepts - Early Engagement

Ministry of Defence

RFI0039 - RN Modular/Containerised ASW Concepts This RFI is not a bidding opportunity but a means by which industry can provide information. Any resulting procurement activity will be conducted competitively. The Royal Navy is seeking to gain information from Industry as to Remote or Autonomous Anti-Submarine Warfare SENSING capabilities that...

United Kingdom-Henlow: ADEWS/135 - Post Design Services and Industrial Support for the AD Simulator


Ministry of Defence

Post Design Services and Industrial Support for the AD Simulator

United Kingdom-Bristol: FJCAST (Future Joint Command and Staff Training)

Ministry of Defence

The FJCAST (Future Joint Command and Staff Training) service is to be designed to deliver effective combined collective training exercises for commanders and staff in preparation for contingent operations in accordance with the Defence Exercise Programme (DXP). The service is to facilitate a level of support for development and delivery...

United Kingdom-Bristol: VIRTUS Re-Compete

Ministry of Defence

The VIRTUS soldier system is a comprehensive system of integrated combat and protective gear developed by Source to cope with the challenges and needs of the modern infantry soldier in today's battlefield. It is the world's first integrated load carriage and protection system.

United Kingdom-Bristol: DNE STEM Delivery Partners 24/25


Ministry of Defence

The DNE (Defence Nuclear Enterprise) Skills Transformation Programme includes the Inspire and Attraction team who has responsibility for exciting the next generation of the future workforce. To achieve this ambition, we will be engaging with educational establishments across the UK and devolved administrations, which will include schools, colleges, and universities....

United Kingdom-Hertfordshire: INTERPRETATION & TRANSLATION SERVICES (SBS10127)


NHS Shared Business Services Limited

NHS Shared Business Services Limited (NHS SBS) act in an Agency capacity for and on behalf of its customers (Approved Organisations) - existing and new. These comprise of NHS and Social Care organisations (whether acting individually, or on behalf of, or together as members of any consortia) along with any...

RFI0036 - Physical Training Facilities Management and Physical Training Services - Early Engagement

Ministry of Defence

This is a Request for Information (RFI) not a tender. The MOD would like to understand whether industry can provide information as detailed within the attached RFI. Navy Command are investigating the provision and ROM costings for the facilities management and PT service provision across the RN estate. Within the...

Supply Chain Notice: High Vacuum Specialist Extraction Unit


Ministry of Defence

This Contract is for a single supplier for the provision of the Supply of High Vacuum Specialist Extraction Units. The contractor shall design, manufacture and deliver containerised LEV and accessories. Equipment in the units processing GRP dust shall be appropriately ATEX rated, certified, and labelled in accordance with the Dangerous...

Future Ground Search


Ministry of Defence

Specialist Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Search, Exploitation & Countermeasures (SEEC) Delivery Team (DT) are considering initiating a programme of projects to procure a suite of handheld detectors, providing the backbone for specialist and intermediate search users in Defence. The MOD requires a suite of ground search detectors to provide the...

Defence Medical Services Research Steering Group Board - Early Engagement


Defence Medical Services Research Steering Group (DMSRSG) is the primary mechanism through which the DMS endorses and funds research activity. The research project must be of military relevance, scientifically robust, and offer value for money. DMSRSG sits in conjunction with the Higher Degree Board (HDB). Service personnel seeking endorsement for...

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