South Africa is one of the continent’s biggest military spenders, investing $3.6 billion per annum on defence. Much of this budget is spent on procuring new equipment and training.

Alongside military equipment, the defence sector publishes other tenders for essential supplies – suitable for businesses from all backgrounds. DCI tools such as Market Intelligence can help your business win defence contracts in South Africa and across the continent.

Security contracts in North Africa

African governments have a common desire to deliver peace and security throughout the region, and have requirements for training and mentoring from foreign allies to help them achieve this.

North African nations have forged partnerships and alliances with foreign suppliers and have established significant trading relationships throughout the world.

What contracts can I bid for in Africa?

Countries across Africa are looking for suppliers to fill gaps in the following areas:

  • critical national infrastructure protection
  • cyber security
  • policing and counter-terrorism
  • major event security
  • border security
  • offender management
  • consultancy, training and risk analysis

As Europe’s largest provider of defence contract and award notices, we can help your business to maximise its exposure to opportunities such as these. Get in touch now and find out what DCI can do.

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