Procurement Consultancy

Bringing procurement services and intelligence solutions together

Our Procurement Consultants are vastly experienced in the public sector procurement arena, and have been engaged in delivering procurement consultancy services in projects across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa for over 20 years.

Whether part of a package or a standalone requirement, we offer on or offsite access to a Procurement Consultant who will work closely with you and provide the following services that best benefit your organisation:

  • Bid Prepare – full review of procurement policies, processes and documentation
  • Bid Review – detailed analysis of past submissions and supporting documentation to evaluate your capacity to create successful and compliant bids
  • Bid Support – real-time support from an experienced consultant during your tender exercise
  • Bid Challenge – independent review of your submission, resultant outcome and identification of ground to challenge the contracting authority’s decision

Bid Consultancy

We can visit you onsite for a one-day consultancy to review a wide scope of data and, having done so, will deliver a verbal report with suggestions as to ways in which you may better position yourselves for working with the public sector. Alternatively, the consultant can work onsite or offsite reviewing your material and providing a written report, which will identify areas that need attention.

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