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What is DCI?

DCI is a market-leading business intelligence solution, delivered by one of Europe’s leading experts in procurement – BiP Solutions – currently celebrating its 35th year.

We are trusted by the UK and many other governments globally to help them improve their defence and security procurement capabilities. We work in partnership with all types of major government departments and purchasing authorities, and we help thousands of suppliers of all shapes and sizes to win UK and international tenders.

With 35 years’ experience behind us, our expertise in defence procurement has been used to help some of the world’s biggest brands discover their true potential in supplying to defence and security buyers across the entire supply chain.

Supplier Webinar

Preparing for the future post COVID-19

Tuesday  7  July at 2 pm 

Just what will the procurement landscape look like post-COVID-19? Many issues in procurement have been identified during the pandemic and some of these will shape the future of how tenders are not only run but what buyers will expect from their providers. This webinar will consider what this might mean for contractors, whether tendering or delivering a contract, in their relationship with the buyer and in the requirements placed upon them.

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Offering Variant Bids

Wednesday  8 July at 11 am 

Where possible contractors should consider offering variant bids, as these can improve the chance of winning business; often by improving the outcomes for contracting authorities. These alternatives, sometimes parallel proposals can be offered where contracting authorities require or permit them. This webinar will provide examples, discuss how they can improve your chances of success and look at their pros and cons.

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Relationship Management – The Supplier Role

Friday  10 July at 2 pm 

We all know that a key element of contract management is how the buyer manages the supplier. However, it’s just as important that suppliers take responsibility for managing their side of the relationship and provide assistance and advice where it’s required or requested. This webinar looks at the role of the supplier, in ensuring the relationship, and therefore the contract are delivered to everyone’s satisfaction.

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Covid-19: Responsible contractual behaviour in the performance and enforcement of contract

Tuesday 14 July at 11 am 

Recent guidance from Cabinet Office has identified the need for responsible and fair behaviour in contracts, particularly in dealing with potential disputes, to ensure better long-term outcomes for jobs and the economy. This webinar will consider the application of this guidance from the supplier’s perspective, considering where it should apply in the supply chain and how it will protect businesses, supply chains and opportunities in the economy.

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Competitive Procedure with Negotiation – What You Need to Know

Friday 17 July at 11 am 

If you see a contract opportunity defined as a Competitive Procedure with Negotiation, do you know what to expect? Just what does the word ‘negotiation’ mean? Will the buyer share your bid with others? Is your price up for negotiation? This webinar will look at these and many other questions and clearly detail the process that is undertaken when a contracting authority selects this procedure.

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Covid-19 – Modifying Contracts: A Suppliers Guide

Tuesday 21 July at 2 pm 

Contracting authorities sometimes ask for changes to be made during the term of a contract. If you are the incumbent contractor, then usually you will happily comply – if you are on the outside looking in, then occasionally you’ll wonder whether what’s been changed is fair. This webinar explains in detail the actual rules around what the buyer can and cannot do when modifying a contract, whether by length, deliverables, value or any other reason and explains what actions contractors can take if they are unhappy with the change.

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 DCI helps organisations engage earlier

Defence Contracts International strives to help buyers and suppliers in the defence industry work more effectively together across private and public sector procurement.

By taking a proactive approach to tendering and engaging with defence buyers earlier, businesses can prepare their procurement strategy and their tender response far in advance.

There are many benefits to engaging earlier and DCI provides an array of powerful business intelligence tools that can help your business achieve this.

How our features support early engagement

  • Market Leads: Get named contacts and contact details for networking across both the private and the public sector. This gets the tender process off to a flying start, as your organisation will have access to the key decision makers in defence tenders.
  • Commercial Projects: Gain advance notification of upcoming framework renewals and recurring projects.
  • Archive Data: Understand previous tender requirements, with five years minimum of historical data included as standard in each DCI package. This allows you to discover whether your competitors have won business with certain buyers before, to uncover new competitors within your field and to identify sub-contracting opportunities.
  • Spend Analysis: Identify buyer spend patterns, including what they are buying, where, from whom and for how much.
  • Having DCI saves all the time spent searching the official journals and using the keywords & phrases filter ensures I only receive details pertinent to our business
    Defence Contracts International Customer
  • We use Defence Contracts International because, as an overseas-based manufacturer, it keeps us close and fully in touch with all proposed, emerging and awarded contract opportunities within the UK defence market. Defence Contracts International is a key informant into our business opportunities pipeline and has proved invaluable to our organisation
    Defence Contracts International Customer
  • DCI has enabled Microlise to get ahead of the game, be proactive and has opened doors that in the past had been firmly closed. There are a wealth of opportunities out there and DCI conveniently brings them together in to one easy to use space. Its not just contracts either, DCI allows businesses to establish a network of contacts in relevant fields.
    Defence Contracts International Customer
  • DCI has enabled us to find contracts quickly and easily, have multiple and relevant contract opportunities in one place, able to engage with buyers earlier, being able to plan better 
    Defence Contracts International Customer

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