Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis collates and publishes all UK defence sector and English public sector spend data in line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda, which requires UK Central Government and English Local Government to publish details of all transactions over £25,000 and £500 respectively.

Our research team check over 1,000 sources covering more than 10 years of data, and including over 1,100 buyers and 500,000 suppliers, to publish this data straight to DCI.

What can Spend Analysis do for my business?

To effectively target your market and locate new business prospects, use spend analysis to find out who your competitors are doing business with.

Making Data-Driven Business Decisions

Our procurement expenditure analysis software is a potent tender tool to assist firms in investigating public sector spending information.

Analysis of Procurement Spend to Improve Spend Visibility

By the Government’s Transparency Agenda, which mandates that UK local and central governments reveal details of all transactions over £500 and £25,000, respectively, Spend Analysis compiles and publishes all English public sector spending data.

Our research team examines more than 1,000 sources, and we compile all of this information in Defence Contracts International.

What can your business do with procurement spend analytics?

Spend analysis enables you to transform expenditure data into useful business intelligence that may enhance your strategic sourcing and procurement processes. Spend analysis lets you acquire insights that offer a competitive edge when spotting new supply chain possibilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Analyze the marketplace’s prospects, both present and future.
  • Find out where, with whom, what, and in which areas buyers spend their money.
  • View and analyze spending data at the buyer, industry sector, location, and supplier levels.
  • Look up and evaluate certain buyers’ and suppliers’ purchasing habits.
  • Determine areas for expansion and potentially new company prospects.
  • Follow well-known competitors and look for fresh market entrants
  • Develop your strategic sourcing by understanding the market more deeply.


With Defence Contracts International Intelligence, you can enhance data quality, fortify supplier relationships, and support your entire public sector procurement strategy.

A Single Tendering Tool throughout the Whole Spend Analysis Process

Many SMEs may overlook crucial elements like expenditure award information and buyer/supplier information when it comes to spending data disclosed in compliance with the Transparency Agenda due to sorting through what is significant and what is not.

This is all summarised on your Defence Contracts International account’s expenditure analytics dashboard. Here, you can do searches and perform filters based on suppliers, buyers, industrial sectors, and geographies. You can also view graphs of various data points, such as the volume of transactions and the revenue for each project.

Develop Your Knowledge of the Past

The Government’s Transparency Agenda governs spending transparency in public sector procurement. 

With the help of Defence Contracts International’s procurement spend analysis tool, you can also determine which suppliers a local authority prefers based on previous contract awards and how those suppliers performed due to those awards.

Plan based on the most recent projections

In the United Kingdom, the public sector is expected to spend almost £1,083 billion in 2023.

These industries are ranked highest:

  1. 169.4 billion pounds in Pensions
  2. 213,5 billion pounds in Health Care
  3. 101.7 billion pounds in Education
  4. 57.7 billion pounds in Defence
Although a small part of these totals is spent on procurement, there are still plenty of supplier opportunities. You may utilize these numbers to generate useful knowledge that you can use to grow your market share by performing an effective procurement expenditure study. Additionally, you may determine the fields in which you can establish yourself by learning who your rivals’ successful bidders are.

Intelligence from Defence Contracts International: Enhancing Your Procurement Strategy

Spending data is simply one element of an effective procurement strategy.

This is combined with various additional services and tendering tools by Defence Contracts International Intelligence to assist suppliers’ procurement teams in streamlining and improve their procedures for locating, competing for, and winning new bids and contract opportunities.

Gain from Early Engagement with Defence Contracts International

Defence Contracts International’s tendering tools, from Market Intelligence and Spend Analysis to Tender Alerts and Bid Manager, offer you an advantage over your rivals and encourage early involvement.

By networking, establishing connections, and even teaching buyers, you may have a meaningful impact on the procurement process with our business intelligence tools for procurement.

To learn which package is ideal for your company, schedule a free, personalised live demo now. Register for a free, 3-day trial of DCl’s high-quality data and expenditure analytics software.

Spend Analysis

With the help of our procurement services, you may find new clients, find out who your competitors are using to obtain contracts, and where you can grow your market share—all crucial information when competing for contracts.

Marketing Research

Get the scoop first! Our Research Team of qualified journalists produces high-quality, related information to improve your company’s knowledge of tendering and allow early participation in the tender process.

Industry Leads

With more than 30 years of expertise in supply chain management and procurement, we are aware of the details that matter, from bidding papers and specifications to commissioning processes and contractual practices.

Tender Alerts

Our Tender Alerts can notify you of new defence contracts as soon as they are released, thanks to a special combination of your choices and needs (CPV codes, certain keywords, and region).

Commercial Initiatives

Discover the names of the top decision-makers, influencers, and bidders in the private sector in the UK and around Europe, including the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union).

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