Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis collates and publishes all UK defence sector and English public sector spend data in line with the Government’s Transparency Agenda, which requires UK Central Government and English Local Government to publish details of all transactions over £25,000 and £500 respectively.

Our research team check over 1,000 sources covering more than 10 years of data, and including over 1,100 buyers and 500,000 suppliers, to publish this data straight to DCI.

What can Spend Analysis do for my business?

  • Evaluate current and potential marketplace opportunities
  • Identify buyer spend patterns – where they spend, with whom, on what and in which sectors
  • View and analyse spend at buyer, industry sector, geography, and supplier levels
  • Search and compare spend patterns by specific buyers and suppliers
  • Identify potential new business opportunities and areas for growth
  • Track known competitors and discover new market entrants
  • Develop your positioning and strategy through deeper marketplace insight

Spending on equipment and support accounts for roughly 40% of the Ministry of Defence budget. Start your free DCI trial or request a demo below and start using the latest spend figures to get ahead of your industry competitors.

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