NATO countries and allies – a group which includes most European nations – are encouraged to commit 2% of their GDP to defence spending. According to newly published figures (2018), countries meeting or exceeding this target are Greece (2.2%), Estonia (2.14%), the UK (2.1%) and Poland (2%).

Even European countries that have not met the NATO spending target have made significant commitments to defence in recent years with contracts being released for helicopters in Norway and new aircraft in France, to name just a few.

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The European Defence Fund

The European Commission has proposed a budget of €13 billion for the European Defence Fund for 2021-2027*. 5% of the budget will be set aside for disruptive, high-risk innovation, that will boost Europe’s long-term technological leadership and defence autonomy.

The European Defence Fund coordinates, supplements and amplifies national investments in defence. The Fund also promotes cooperation among Member States in producing state-of-the-art and interoperable defence technology and equipment and encourages the participation of SMES in collaborative projects.

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What contracts can I bid for in Europe?

Defence contracts in Europe extend much further than traditional military supplies. Countries across the continent are looking for suppliers to fill gaps in the following areas:

  • critical national infrastructure protection
  • cyber security
  • policing and counter-terrorism
  • major event security
  • border security
  • offender management
  • consultancy, training and risk analysis

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