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“For two decades, Defence Contracts International has spearheaded the facilitation of collaboration between the public and private sectors.”


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Our solution caters to businesses already engaged in the public sector, aiming to expand their market share.

Never collaborated with the public sector before?

  • Our solution is designed for businesses already working with the public sector, looking to increase their market share within this sector.
    We possess the UK’s sole aggregated database of public sector spending.
  • 20% of the FTSE 100 companies rely on BiP Solutions intelligence services.
  • We maintain Europe’s largest database of contract information and intelligence.
  • We publish more non-OJEU contracts in the UK compared to any other provider.
  • DCI stands out as the only solution in the market offering comprehensive business intelligence through a single, user-friendly tool.

Europe's most extensive database of contract information and intelligence

DCI offers a diverse range of business expansion solutions and, through an ongoing development and innovation process, maintains its position as the leading provider of procurement information products.

DCI is the ultimate business intelligence tool that equips you with public-sector contracts, private-sector leads, and invaluable market and competitor insights. These elements focus on optimizing business growth in public and private sector markets.

Through harnessing the power of our business intelligence solution, our esteemed clientele has achieved remarkable success in securing contracts within the public sector, resulting in substantial growth opportunities for their enterprises, amounting to billions of pounds in value.

Our presence in the marketplace is substantial, with over 5,000 public sector organizations and 220,000 businesses in the UK alone benefiting from our expertise to achieve their business development goals.

About BIP Solutions

Our parent company, BiP, has witnessed remarkable organic growth throughout its 35+ year history. It has recently acquired businesses in the northern regions of England to expand its offerings to the public and private sectors.

While our product portfolio has transformed into the most comprehensive assortment of modern online tools, consultancy services, and events available, the core idea that originated in a portable cabin in Glasgow remains unchanged: driving efficiency in public sector procurement and fostering mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration between businesses and governments.

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If you’re interested in securing more public or private sector business or simply want to learn more about DCI, we are delighted to address all your inquiries. Please visit our Contact Us page, or Talk directly with a Business Development Manager by calling us at 0845 270 7065.

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Who are we?

With a legacy of publishing the inaugural national directory of public sector contracts and being the trailblazers in introducing our cutting-edge online solution, we have remained the forefront pioneers of technology and innovation in the public sector marketplace.


Throughout our 40+ year journey, we have consistently adapted and ventured into uncharted territories, always prioritizing the needs and aspirations of our esteemed customers. Elevate your business to new heights by embracing the power of DCI today.

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Download your Free UK Defence Industry Report

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Download your Free UK Defence Industry Report

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