North America

NATO members, including the USA and Canada, have agreed to spend 2% of GDP on defense by 2024.

North American defence agencies want to partner with highly skilled and high-tech industry professionals that can provide their military with the very best goods and services that can help keep their country safe.

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Do business with the DoD

Whether you are looking for Navy, Air Force or Army contract opportunities, suppliers based internationally can find contract opportunities with the United States Department of Defence (DoD) using DCI’s business intelligence.

The DoD is partnering with leading businesses to ensure that technology remains at the forefront of global cyber security, defence, and AI.

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Defence contracts in North America

Discover defence tenders in North America and across the world. Suppliers can fill in the gaps in the following areas:

  • critical national infrastructure protection
  • cyber security
  • policing and counter-terrorism
  • major event security
  • border security
  • offender management
  • consultancy, training and risk analysis

As one of the largest providers of defence contract and award notices, we can help your business to maximise its exposure to opportunities like the ones mentioned above. Our software is trusted by many international governments and it has been developed with intelligence in mind.

Stay ahead of competitors and learn more about current and future defence market trends and start sourcing your next opportunity.

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