Manned Guarding Tenders

More and more organisations are looking to implement manned guarding in residential and commercial properties and local authority and other public buildings to ensure areas are as safe and secure as they can be. Every public and private sector body commissions security services.

If your organisation is looking for manned guarding tenders in the defence marketplace, Defence Contracts International publishes a range of manned guarding opportunities across the UK and internationally that your organisation can win.

Latest Manned Guarding Tenders

EEAST - Boarding up Service (240524)


East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

The Trust has a requirement for a qualified locksmith to provide 24/7 356 days a year Boarding up services across Essex. The Trust's Ambulance crews attend to patients in a number of private settings, and on occasion forced entry to the property will either be made by Ambulance, Fire or...

UK-Hertford: Motor vehicles.

Motor vehicles. Hertfordshire County Council invites tenders for organisations to participate in a 48 month Agreement for the contract hire of vehicles and ancillary goods/services. The framework will be used by the Council, and may also be used by all Local Authorities, housing providers, and other public sector organisations located...

Domestic Abuse Independent Advocate (IDVA)&Programme of Therapeutic Response PIN - Early Engagement


Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner

This is a PIN for the Supplier Market Engagement Event that will be hosted via MS Teams on 17th July 2024 (afternoon). Bedfordshire Commissioners are intending to tender for the independent domestic abuse and counselling services. The service is to provide support to standard and medium risk levels for victims...

CA14119 - Supply and Distribution of Fresh Meat and Poultry


Haslingden High School

This Framework is designed to meet the Fresh Meat and Poultry needs of Haslingden High School it is also open for use by all contracting authorities across the UK public sector (and any future successors to these organisations). These include (but not limited to) central government departments and agencies, Non...

United Kingdom-Wymondham: Domestic Abuse Independent Advocate (IDVA) and Programme of Therapeutic Response


The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk

This is a PIN for the supplier engagement event hosted via MS Teams on 17th July 2024 in the afternoon.

Interested organisations are required to register their interest and provide availability, attendee name, and contact email address through the messaging portal.

Global Manned Guarding Contracts

Manned guarding opportunities are not limited to just the UK. As organisations across the globe adopt security methods to align with modern approaches and evolving demands, there will be a continued emphasis on the importance of manned guarding as well as electronic security, two types of security tenders that offer a host of benefits for organisations. Over the next decade, demand for manned guarding contracts is set to increase, as governments and businesses increase their global security spend to match the political climate. If your business is interested in working in manned guarding contracts and growing within the defence marketplace worldwide, you can search manned guarding tender opportunities in:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Oceania
Since its establishment, DCI has built a long and proud history of working with organisations of all sizes and in all industries to help them expand within the defence industry in the UK and overseas. With the support of DCI and its range of powerful business intelligence tools, there are opportunities out there for your organisation to win.

UK Manned Guarding Contracts

The UK remains a huge hub for manned guarding procurement, and it is a market available to all suppliers from around the world.

The UK is facing considerable security challenges in the present landscape. The UK national threat level (in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) is currently ‘substantial’, which means a terrorist attack is likely. Organisations need to maintain vigilance by implementing appropriate safety and security measures where possible, which is why the role that defence procurement plays is crucial to future developments in this area.

The concerns around terrorism and cyber attacks are the key drivers for market growth. In 2018, the UK manned guarding market maintained value growth, rising 2.2% despite some difficult trading conditions, primarily due to Brexit uncertainty. However, the market is forecast to maintain growth over the next five years as the UK establishes its position outside Europe and sets further security strategies.

Find UK And International Manned Guarding Tenders

What types of manned guarding contracts can my organisation find?

Manned security guards

One of the most popular types of security tenders, manned security guarding is commonly used by commercial clients and private customers. Manned guarding entails having security offers on hand to protect a property, premises or event from intruders. They also deal with loss prevention and provide protection against assault or violence, making decisions quick decisions during any incident in a way that electronic security cannot.

Any organisation around the world can require manned security guarding at any time, making it an attractive market for new and existing defence suppliers.

Traffic marshals and car park security

Officers are utilised to ensure the safe movement of vehicles around a site, allowing for constant smooth movement and reducing the risk of accidents. Traffic marshals and car park security are a popular option for large event venues, including corporate events and tourist attractions, to add an emotional human response to security measures. Car park security can also prevent theft and damage to vehicles through the use of static guarding, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring and controlled access. Combining the use of traffic marshals with electronic security produces the safest results.

Mobile patrols

Similar to manned guarding, officers will patrol a commercial or private property in a security vehicle at specific times of day. This is a particularly effective method of security in larger locations and open spaces, where it is difficult to cover ground. Mobile patrols can dissuade thieves from breaking into or vandalising property, particularly as the appearance of a security vehicle is often unexpected.

We highlight other areas of manned guarding procurement your organisation may work in below.

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Within the manned security market, buyers want to work with defence suppliers that can offer the following services:

  • Security guards
  • Crowd management
  • Event security stewards
  • Canine services
  • Training courses
  • Close protection
  • Surveillance


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