Fire Fighting Tenders

Fire fighting services are one of the core functions of the emergency services in the UK and around the world. In recent years, the increase in natural disasters as a result of climate change and rising temperatures across the globe has meant that the fire fighting tenders market is continually growing, and the demand for efficient and effective services is greater than ever.

For both new and existing suppliers looking to win fire fighting tenders, Defence Contracts International (DCI) helps support organisations to win business in fire services in the following areas:

  • Natural disaster response
  • Refurbishment of fire equipment and safety systems
  • Fire training
  • Recruitment of firefighters

Not only does DCI host the largest defence tenders database in Europe, fire fighting tenders in the UK and overseas are published every day, ready for your business to bid for and win.

Latest Fire Fighting Tenders

Internal and EXternal Painting and Plastering to Domestic and Commercial Properties, various locations throughout Fife


Fife Council

Framework - painting, decorating and plastering works required throughout Fife in domestic and commercial properties, covering all of the following areas: Reactive maintenance Fixed Price Works via the Costing Unit up to approx. GBP10k Fixed Price Works via the Surveying and Operations Teams Application of fire rated products to the...

GB-Shrewsbury: RMCB 050 - Reroofing Phase 1 - Shifnal Primary School


Shropshire Council

Roof repair and maintenance work. The works consist of stripping of the existing built up felt roof down to the existing deck, and then laying of new cut to falls insulation and a Garland UK built up felt roof system as per the schedule of works and specification. The works...

Asset and Audit Software Management System Suitable

Cork City Council, Cork City Fire Brigade

The Awarding Authority is seeking a software solution in order to be able to track, identify and maintain all the appropriate records for equipment, vehicles, personnel on a cloud based platform via a mobile device or desktop PC.

Cinema Room - St Quintin's Day - Centre Contracts Finder Opportunity Notice



Construct a purpose built Cinema Room complete including Mecahnical, Electrical, Fire alarm & Audio Visual Equipment

United Kingdom-Edinburgh: ACE Short Lease Property Maintenance and Compliance Testing Services


University Of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh Accommodation, Catering & Events (ACE) is looking to appoint competent suppliers to deliver property maintenance and compliance testing services to our short lease properties. These short lease properties are owned by private landlords and rented to University students. ACE provide a full property management service to...

Latest Fire Fighting Tenders

In 2022, DCI published a total of 890 fire fighting tenders in the UK alone, and 1,264 fire fighting tenders located across the world. Note: the volume of tenders are likely to be much higher than this, as our search encompassed tenders that were posted only in English. It is highly probable that fire authorities around the world published tenders in the appropriate language based on the region. These figures reflect the wider value of the lucrative emergency services market and support expectations of growth in the years to come.

Find fire fighting tenders in the following regions, through DCI’s powerful defence database:

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • North America

The Fire Fighting Tenders Market In The UK

Fire services in the UK are funded by central government and a small levy on local council tax, alongside other blue light services in the police sector. Although the sector has suffered budget cuts in the UK for a number of years, moving into the new decade beyond 2020 the UK Government is expected to increase its spending on fire services. This shift has already been seen in the Scottish budget 2020-21, published in early February.

The Scottish budget outlined that spending on the fire service in Scotland will increase from £327.2 million to £333.3 million. This means that total spending on justice, which includes police services, the court system and fire services, will reach £2.8315 billion.

Increased spending will also be allocated to tackling the climate emergency, which has contributed to the rise in bushfires, flooding and other natural disasters which directly affect fire fighting tenders.

The Global Fire Fighting Contracts Market

Governments across the world handle their fire services in different ways. However, they all share a common ground in that investment in fire services and the growth of fire fighting tenders are crucial to the safety of citizens, and they are more in demand now than they have ever been.

In 2018, the global fire safety equipment market was estimated to be worth USD58.43 billion, and it is anticipated that this market will expand by an average 8.8% year-on-year between 2019 and 2025 to reach a projected total of USD105.92 billion. This is due to the growing demand for advanced fire systems for commercial properties and for their use throughout a number of industries. Enterprises across the globe are progressively spending more on fire safety and infrastructure security, in order to reduce the damage caused by fire accidents.

Fire detection alone has driven technological advancements including water mist technology, wireless alarm systems and smoke detectors, all to ensure buildings are safe. It is worth noting, for this reason, that fire fighting tenders encompass a wide range of potential business opportunities across a number of sectors, combining infrastructure and technology with more effective procurement processes for both buyers and suppliers.

Other Blue Light Tenders Opportunities

Fire services are a part of a wider range of emergency services tenders, including services run by the police. DCI published over 76,000 emergency services tenders in the UK in 2019, with over 350 of these contracts having an estimated value of over £1 million. In the same year, DCI published a further 119,000 emergency services tenders from across the globe.

The emergency services sector is an extremely attractive marketplace for new and existing suppliers within defence, as SMEs and micro-businesses can win either directly or through the wider supply chain.

How DCI Can Help Your Business Win Fire Fighting Contracts

DCI has a range of tools and market knowledge to support your organisation’s success in this sector and your future procurement strategy in the defence marketplace. Receive the latest updates on market trends, access crucial data on where defence buyers in fire fighting services are spending, and uncover new competitors who are looking to win fire fighting tenders like you.

Learn more about how to win fire fighting tenders by claiming your DCI free trial. Your business will receive fire services tenders alerts direct to your inbox, as well as being able to utilise a range of other valuable business intelligence tools.

Secure More Opportunities In Defence

If your organisation is already winning business within the defence sector and would like to expand the opportunities available, then get started with DCI’s defence intelligence portfolio.

Our tools support early engagement, which is crucial to winning event security contracts. DCI supplies users with a wide range of data and insight, from market news through to spend data and advance notice of framework renewals.

Learn more about how your business can access key decision makers, bidders and influencers with our suite of defence intelligence tools.

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