Defence Infrastructure Tendering

In the United Kingdom, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) plays a crucial part in supporting the UK Armed Forces. This organisation builds, maintains and services MOD-owned infrastructure.

A variety of goods, works and services are needed to support the work of the DIO and the infrastructure it owns.

Most recently, the MOD has announced that significant infrastructure investments will continue to be made at home and in British bases abroad, opening opportunities within their supply chain as part of the 2015-2030 strategy for defence infrastructure.

There’s also huge infrastructure projects being carried out by armed forces across the globe – from air force bases, to naval dockyards, to army barracks, to office buildings and defence housing estates.

Latest Defence Infrastructure Tenders

United Kingdom-LONDON: VTN - Project ASurvey - The Provision of an Automated Aircraft Inspection Capability for Poseidon MRA-Mk1 Aircraft of the Royal Air Force



An automated aircraft inspection capability, for the RAF's Poseidon MRA-Mk1 (P8-A), enabling fast, accurate and detailed damage mapping of external airframe damage. Military aircraft are subject to numerous hazards due to harsh operating conditions, in-flight refuelling or loading and unloading during ground operations. Whether at their home base or during...

United Kingdom-Bristol: 710813450 - Provision of RAFAT Information Management System


Ministry of Defence

The UK Military Flight Training Systems Hawk Delivery Team, which is part of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) proposes to place a contract with tlmNexus for the provision of the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team Information Management System (RIMS). The term of the proposed contract is 3 years with...


Ministry of Defence

Royal Navy and Multi-Domain Integrated Systems (MDIS) Industry Engagement - RAS/AI Operational Experimentation (OPEX) 2024 Industry Call This call outlines Industry opportunities to participate in: REPMUS 24 (Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping using Maritime Unmanned Systems) to be conducted in Portugal in Sep 24. The Royal Navy Develop Directorate in concert...

Universal Heavy-lift UAV Carriage System - Early Engagement

Ministry of Defence

We desire a universal carriage system for Heavy-lift UAVs that is platform agnostic. We aim to: Draw on the knowledge and experience of industry to develop and optimize such a system; Inform its emerging doctrinal applications; and better understand the balance of both systemic and situational risk factors associated with...

United Kingdom-Bristol: Provision of spares and Post Design Services for Passenger Short Term Air Supply System


Ministry of Defence

Provision of spares and Post Design Services for Passenger Short Term Air Supply System, to provide on going support to the current in-service capability.

Strategy For Defence Infrastructure 2015-2030

The defence infrastructure strategy released 3 years ago outlines the key challenges the MOD face in ensuring that its current level of infrastructure is adequate and capable to meet the needs of todays military.

Summed up as follows from the strategy forward – “Infrastructure that is affordable and optimised to enable Defence capabilities, outputs and communities both now and in the future.” this requires a reduction in some areas where the MOD is no longer requiring some infrastructure but also recognises the growing need to update, upgrade and reassess existing assets.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Each year DIO currently spends around £3 billion buying infrastructure services to enable the men and women of defence to live, work, train and deploy across the UK and overseas.

DIO also manages infrastructure on behalf of the MOD, including everything from airfields and firing ranges to office blocks. This land and buildings must be looked after and maintained to meet the needs of the UK military.

DIO is also a key infrastructure client that aims to engage with suppliers. Their commercial strategy released in January 2018 states that they plan to share pipeline information that will shape the market, drive innovation, and “invigorate and sustain a diverse portfolio of suppliers.

What Type Of Defence Infrastructure Tenders Are Available?

  • Technical infrastructure
  • Utility management
  • Property management (disposals, leases, planning, etc)
  • Estate sustainability
  • Waste management
  • Safety, Health, Environment and Fire (SHEF) for the estate
  • Housing projects
  • Facilities management


Many types of requirement fall under the category of defence infrastructure, as the facilities management required to support the maintenance of existing infrastructure covers everything from cleaning to major renovation works.

DCI can show you today specific tenders that match what you supply.

Where Is The Defence Infrastructure Budget Spent?

The defence infrastructure budget is used to manage and maintain buildings and other facilities on over two thirds of the 240,000 hectares of land owned by the MOD. This land is held solely for training the Armed Forces and is known as the defence training estate.

The training estate comprises 16 major Armed Forces training areas, and 104 other minor training areas, ranges and camps. In total, 1% of all UK land is owned by the MOD. There are six regional training areas covering the whole of the UK:

  • East
  • North (including Otterburn)
  • Scotland (including Northern Ireland)
  • South East (including Home Counties)
  • South West (including Salisbury Plain)
  • Wales & West


If you are looking for defence infrastructure tenders across these regions you can choose DCI’s UK package. There are also international options.

Defence Infrastructure Abroad

Would you like to bid for defence infrastructure procurement opportunities abroad? The defence training estate delivers military training facilities which prepare the Armed Forces for operations worldwide. Major locations include:

  • Germany
  • Belize
  • Brunei
  • Kenya
  • Canada
  • Falkland Islands
  • Cyprus

International Security & Infrastructure Tendering

In addition, the physical security of government buildings abroad is incredibly important and tenders arise where this is the core task. These opportunities can range from simple CCTV and security configurations to more niche solutions such as blast rooms, panic rooms or intrusion detection.

The growth of Cyber terrorism has also increased demand for suppliers to support with government cyber requirements.

If you are interested in working for the Government at home or abroad, you can access these types of tenders when you sign up for the any DCI package with access to global defence tenders.

Find & Win Infrastructure Tenders

In recent years, the DIO and wider MOD have opened their supply chains to SMEs. This has helped to spread the benefits of working with government bodies and the defence sector more widely among businesses in the UK and abroad, which in turn has helped these businesses grow.

If you would like to work with DIO, see these opportunities first hand when you request a demo with DCI.

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