Cyber Security Contracts

The increase in political tension across the globe, the threat of terror, the drive for innovation and growing cyber attacks are all set to fuel significant growth in defence and security spending.

With so much investment going into cyber security, defence intelligence can support your search for tender opportunities in this area.

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Cyber Defence

2020 will continue to see the defence industry drive growth across the cyber sector.

Public sector organisations across the world are likely to have a substantial pot of money to spend on cyber security – which is particularly important given the growing number of cyber attacks.

Previous cyber attacks on government and public sector bodies have shown that their IT systems are often extremely fragile, vulnerable and easily exploited. To tackle this, many are investing in their cyber security strategy.

Evolving cyber threats

High on the list of priorities for many nations is the development of counter and offensive cyber capabilities.

Hackers now have the potential to cripple a nation’s operations and some are politically motivated. In recent years cyber attacks have been carried out at national level, targeting critical infrastructure and perhaps aiming to manipulate elections.

Cyber attacks have increased in frequency in recent years and have advanced in terms of intelligence. Threats such as malware, data breaches and hacks pose a major risk to defence and public sector organisations and it seems likely that these sophisticated threats will continue.

NATO investment into cyber security

NATO has stated that it will “continue to adapt to the evolving cyber threat landscape.”

Due to the scale of cyber attacks in recent years, the Alliance is reliant on resilient cyber defence and must be prepared to defend its networks and operations against the growing sophistication of the cyber threats and attacks it faces.

On NATO’S website, it confirms that investment has been made in recent years by its members after the Cyber Defence Pledge was made in July 2016 to enhance cyber defences. NATO states that since then “all Allies have upgraded their cyber defences.”

With countries across the world reviewing and enhancing their cyber defence strategy, now is the time to look for global defence opportunities with DCI.

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Cyber security contracts

The defence sector in the UK is proactively supporting the National Cyber Security Strategy.

After attacks like WannaCry, which cost public sector organisations across the world millions of pounds, it is vital that the public sector protects the public and their employees by having a security plan in place.

With the demand for cyber protection and expertise within defence growing, future cyber security contracts are becoming more varied and niche.

If you are already working in this area you will understand that cyber security tenders are about much more than just software and hardware that eliminate risk. Public sector organisations that want to stay two steps ahead of intelligent hackers may seek tenders in areas including:

  • Cloud security
  • Network security
  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Application security
  • Internet of Things (IoT) security

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Within this ever-growing area of defence lies a considerable wealth of opportunity for cyber security suppliers. That said, it is important for businesses to consider their next step carefully and allocate enough strategic resources to ongoing tendering efforts.

The defence industry is no different to other sectors in that early engagement can play a critical role in a company’s ambitions to secure business opportunities.

Early engagement

Expand the opportunities available to your business by adopting concepts such as early engagement when searching for cyber security tenders.

Our defence experts can work with you to understand the needs of your business and tailor a DCI profile to your requirements during a free demo. We also promise to provide you three workable leads by showcasing:

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Cyber Essentials

Is your business Cyber Essentials certified? If you want to secure defence and cyber security contracts in the UK, then it should be.

Since 1 January 2016 the minimum requirement for all new procurement in the UK is for suppliers to have Cyber Essentials certification.

The latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey (2019), released by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, identified that within the last 12 months, around a third of UK businesses have been the targeted by one or more cyber attacks. This statistic confirms the need for the public sector’s strict cyber security precautions around procurement.

Purchase Cyber Essentials and implement the key controls recommended by this Government-accredited cyber scheme by visiting the Cyber Essentials Online website.

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