South America

Defence spending in South America is being driven by governments’ desire to target illegal activity and criminal groups.

Funding is often allocated to update equipment and to provide services that protect resources and borders, making the security sector a lucrative market for foreign suppliers.

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How much are South American countries spending on defence?

Brazil is by far the highest spender on defence in South America. Military expenditure in Brazil amounted to $29.3 billion in 2017, with Columbia sitting in second place, spending $9.7 billion.

Defence budgets can be spent on everything from ships to stationery. This means that almost any business can find work with defence organisations in South America.

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What contracts can I bid for in South America?

Countries across South America are looking for suppliers to fill gaps in the following areas:

  • critical national infrastructure protection
  • cyber security
  • policing and counter-terrorism
  • major event security
  • border security
  • offender management
  • consultancy, training and risk analysis

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