Surveillance Tenders

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The surveillance tenders market for surveillance services, systems and solutions is expected to grow by billions of dollars over the next five years, according to industry experts Surveillance Market, making global public sector organisations lucrative sources of opportunities for suppliers.

With growth projected within this area of defence procurement, ensure that your business is using early engagement and business intelligence with DCI to secure your share of surveillance tenders.

Latest Surveillance Tenders

United Kingdom-LONDON: Provision of Video Surveillance Systems Across SWR Leased Sites


South Western Railway (SWR) are seeking to identify a service provider for the supply, installation & commissioning of Video Surveillance Systems at all leased premises on the SWR network, alongside associated activities such as reporting and provision of Support Services and maintenance of the systems. SWR currently has an extensive...



1.1 London Councils invites Tenders for the provision of a hosted Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system cameras and software to support the operation of the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS). This will include the installation, maintenance, possible replacement, repair and relocation of any CCTV infrastructure. This is to include...

Landscaping Works

Prifysgol Bangor / Bangor University

Park is however often overlooked and underused. Historically, the park has been treated as an isolated space with its use and purpose unclear. The vision for College Park is to make it a more welcoming place for everyone to enjoy. We plan to open-up this area and create a welcoming...

Rebranding - Painting

Transport for Wales Rail Limited (Utility Buyer), WCB (Wales Cross Borders)

The Awarding Authority is carrying out a procurement event via Sell2Wales. Transport for Wales (TfW) exists to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high quality, safe, integrated, affordable and accessible transport network that the people of Wales are proud of. Transport for Wales is key to delivering the Welsh Government’s...

United Kingdom-ROTHERHAM: Rotherham Construction Partnership Minor Works Framework Market Engagement

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

The purpose of this consultation is to engage with local suppliers, SME's and wider construction builders and specialist trades to raise awareness of the upcoming opportunity to apply for a place on the Council's minor works framework - Rotherham Construction Partnership, 5th Iteration (RCP5). The framework is valued in excess...

Surveillance Procurement

Almost every department within government agencies buys surveillance equipment. Surveillance technology varies and the defence sector procures everything from small GPS tracking devices and cameras to sophisticated systems that can be used on a nationwide scale.

Surveillance Tenders

Public sector organisations across the world are building relationships with suppliers with requirements for the supply, installation and maintenance of security systems and devices, as well as a range of miscellaneous surveillance services. Identifying defence tenders in this area and responding can become a strain on your organisation’s resources. Our defence contracts portal offers comprehensive cover of the surveillance sector, providing tender alerts and intelligence on the following areas:
  • Audio surveillance
  • Video surveillance
  • Phone monitoring
  • Location monitoring
  • Biometrics
  • Forensics
  • Equipment
  • Drone surveillance
  • Analysis
Never miss a single relevant tendering opportunity – find surveillance contracts with DCI.

MOD Surveillance Tenders

The UK Ministry of Defence works with domestic and international suppliers when procuring innovative technologies and remote surveillance devices.

The MOD’s Defence in Numbers report predicts that £5 billion will be spent on intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) over the period 2018 to 2028.

As part of this investment, the MOD will harness the expertise of businesses of all sizes. This will create opportunities for smaller suppliers to work with the MOD as the Department moves towards its target that 25% of all defence procurement spend should go to SMEs by 2022.

Find out more about the kind of tender opportunities the MOD releases regularly.

Surveillance Tenders In 2023

Innovation has boosted surveillance methods and technologies. Long gone are the days when CCTV was used as the primary method of surveillance; these days defence organisations use a wide range of surveillance equipment – everything from AI technology to drones.

AI Surveillance

AI surveillance technology is spreading at a faster rate to a wider range of countries than experts previously expected. At least 75 out of 176 countries globally are actively using AI technologies for surveillance purposes.

Defence Contracts International provides a package of tools for market assessment, pipeline insight and competitor analysis. Whether it be for start-ups with innovative AI concepts, or for any other manufacturers or service providers, we encourage adoption of these tools so that you can drive ahead of your defence tendering programmes and win more business.

Satellite Investment

The UK Government has released its plans to protect the nation using the best and most secure satellite technology.

The Ministry of Defence recently awarded a £70 million contract for the development of cutting-edge GPS receivers. Contracts like this are becoming more common, with countries across the world investing in this kind of technology.

This is just one example of the many satellite investments advertised via our portal. Find more opportunities like this by signing up for a free trial of our defence intelligence portal.

Security Tendering

In the coming years, spending on surveillance and other areas of security is predicted to grow significantly. Our portal showcases a variety of security contract opportunities:

  • Surveillance
  • Event security
  • Manned security
  • Security equipment

Within this area of defence procurement lies a considerable wealth of opportunities for security suppliers. It is, however, important for businesses to consider their next step carefully and allocate sufficient strategic resources to ongoing tendering efforts. The importance of concepts such as early engagement and first-mover advantage demands precision business intelligence.

For more information on security procurement, visit our Security Tenders page.

Security Tenders

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