Police Tenders

Police procurement remains one of the most rewarding areas for defence suppliers.

Shirts, high-visibility jackets and helmets are all common goods sourced by police procurement teams, as well as front-line equipment such as batons, handcuffs, airwave radios and vehicles.

Police forces all over the world are searching for suppliers that can fill the gaps in their procurement needs, making this area of defence an excellent place to begin if your business wants to expand its customer base.

Learn more about police procurement and how early engagement with buyers in this area can support your organisation’s growth plans.

Latest Police Tenders

Provision of Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Racism proof of Concept


Scottish Police Authority

as per attached ITT

United Kingdom-Motherwell: North Lanarkshire Homes First Flexible Support

North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council (the "Council") propose to establish a contract for North Lanarkshire Homes First Flexible Support. . The approach to this procurement is in accordance with Regulation 74 (Social and Other Specific Services).

United Kingdom-Gateshead: Temporary Agency Staff



NEPO is seeking to renew a Framework Agreement for a Managed Service Provider for Temporary Agency Staffing. The purpose of this PIN is to inform the marketplace of NEPO's intention to award and to advertise an open invite for future Market Consultation meetings. Meetings will take place on the 11th...

United Kingdom-Colchester: Multifunctional Print Devices and Associated Digital Transformation Solutions Framework


University of Essex

This is a framework for the supply of multifunctional print devices and a suite of associated digital transformation solutions. It is let by the University of Essex and is available for use by all organisations across the UK Public Sector.

United Kingdom-Leeds: West Yorkshire Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) Service


West Yorkshire Combined Authority

On 10th May 2021 the responsibility for exercising the functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner in West Yorkshire transferred to the West Yorkshire Mayor. The Police and Crime Commissioners Office transferred to West Yorkshire Combined Authority (“the CA”). Part of the Mayors responsibilities is to commission services which include...

UK Police Procurement

The current UK government has announced that more than 20,000 new police officers will be employed by 2023 and the spending doesn’t stop there.

Millions of pounds are spent creating modern, efficient prisons to better reform criminals and keep the public safe – creating over 10,000 new prison places.

This level of investment is extremely encouraging for those that want to win police tenders in the UK; If you are interested, discover a variety of opportunities available to suppliers during a demo with a member of our expert defence procurement team.

Counter Terrorism Policing

The fight against terrorism is taking place on a global scale.

Countries across the world are investing in counter terrorism policing, the UK included. The Home Office has announced a £906 million investment into the area in 2020.

EU spending in the area of counter terrorism has increased in recent years and, according to the European Parliament, “is set to grow in the future, to allow for better cooperation between national law enforcement authorities”.

Gain a deeper insight into this area of defence procurement by visiting our Counter Terrorism procurement section.


US Police Tenders

Cities across the US are allocating larger and larger shares of their budgets to law enforcement and public order.

While most US policing is a state rather than federal responsibility, it is estimated that the US collectively spends over $100 billion a year on policing and a more than $80 billion on incarceration – figures that will only grow in years to come

DCI can support your business in expanding its customer base. Discover defence tenders in North America and across the world.

Global Blue Light Tenders

Opportunities within the blue light sector expand much further than police tenders. Every year, emergency services around the world spend billions procuring goods, works and services from the private sector.

The demand for suppliers in this area is growing rapidly as buyers seek to obtain value for money through more efficient procurement, whilst procuring the most innovative and effective solutions.

To learn more about Blue light procurement, visit this section of our website:

Find Police Tenders With Defence Intelligence

Using defence intelligence your business can bid for police service tenders, supporting police forces around the world to continue to protect the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities.

DCI provides potential defence suppliers with a wide array of intelligence tools to streamline your procurement strategy in the defence market.

By focusing on early engagement, DCI can maximise your chances of winning new contracts and working with high-profile buyers throughout the world of defence.

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