Commercial Projects

Both government and private sector outsourcing are becoming increasingly commonplace – with so much tendering opportunity available in the private sector marketplace, learn how to expand your business portfolio with DCI’s Commercial Projects tool.

The Commercial Projects module adds on to your DCI subscription tens of thousands of private sector commercial construction and infrastructure tenders all across the United Kingdom, opening up additional markets for any companies involved in the infrastructure supply chain – from the first site survey right through to putting the finishing touches on interior fitout and landscaping. Such companies can use DCI to involve themselves in the construction of barracks and hotels, airbases and apartments, highways and navy bases.

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Private Sector Opportunities

UK infrastructure investment is set to hit over £600 billion over the next 10 years.

The National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline outlines the planned infrastructure investment in the UK up to 2021 and beyond and includes nearly 700 projects and programmes.

Public sector suppliers can often disqualify themselves from working in the defence marketplace. However, the supply chain is much broader than many people think. Within the defence sector, all building and refurbishment projects require various goods, works and services across all phases of construction – from laying the foundations for an Army accommodation unit to the post-construction cleaning.

These phases can open doors for suppliers across multiple sectors, including professional services, painting and decorating, building maintenance and refurbishment, civil engineering, landscaping and many more. Although, it is not just the construction sector that can benefit from such projects – like every other civil or commercial building in the UK, defence buildings will require catering operations, office furniture and IT equipment, among other services and solutions.

DCI has access to commercial activity data across the UK, with details of more than 400,000 construction projects from the early planning stage as well as 10,000 non-planning projects annually. This information can be vital for suppliers that are looking to get involved in a specific stage of a project – for example, when an architect is appointed or when planning permission is granted.

Your commercial profile on DCI allows you to view all planning applications and decisions within 24 hours of publication so that suppliers can take a proactive approach when trying to identify key decision makers and influencers. Our named contacts are checked and their email addresses verified through a GDPR-compliant process, so you know you can trust our data.

95% of the contract data that we provide includes full contact details for key stakeholders; this enables our clients to strategically build up their own target lists. This data is rich and unique content that cannot be found in other planning services, and we take pride in knowing that our data is validated and kept up to date daily. Our experienced research department average a million phone calls a year to ensure that we are giving our clients the content that is right for them.

Moving forward, make sure you have visibility of where infrastructure investment is being made and by whom. Areas set to grow include private housing, public non-residential, and civil engineering with much of this work scheduled to begin in 2020.

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