Emergency Service Tenders

Every year, emergency services in the UK and countries around the world spend billions procuring goods, works and services from the private sector. The demand for emergency services – which include the police service, the fire service and emergency medical services – is growing rapidly, giving new suppliers an immense opportunity to solve the complex challenges facing buyers as they seek to attain value for money through more effective and efficient procurement.

DCI publishes emergency services tenders and blue light tenders in the UK and internationally every day that businesses of all sizes can win with the expertise of this unique business solution.

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Blue Light Tenders

DCI hosts the largest defence tenders database in Europe, encompassing all areas of defence procurement. In 2019 alone, DCI published over 119,000 emergency services tenders from across the globe, all available for businesses like yours to bid for.

DCI tenders are published by buyers from across the police, firefighting and emergency medical services spectrum, including varying sized projects ranging from sourcing emergency vehicles, to repair and maintenance of fire equipment, to providing frontline supplies for police units.

With a DCI subscription, businesses can search for blue light tenders in the UK, Europe or further afield, refining searches to include specialist fields relevant to the areas in which your business wants to grow.

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DCI’s defence tenders span the entire globe, across all continents and regions. Your business can win blue light tenders in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

Europe is one of the most promising regions for increasing volumes of emergency services tenders, with opportunities for new suppliers in the following areas:

  • Policing and counter-terrorism
  • Refurbishment of fire equipment and safety systems
  • Cyber security and technology advancement
  • Medical and ambulance services
  • Border security
  • Natural disaster response
  • Supplies to all emergency services

The United States is another key market for blue light tenders. The US defence market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 5% during the forecast period of 2019-2024.  Defence is the second largest item in the US federal budget following social security, with counter-terrorism tenders and natural disaster response tenders being two of the targeted areas of US government spend, with an increase in funding seen over the last ten years.

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Find blue light contracts in the UK

In the UK, the police service and fire service are funded by central government, while emergency medical services such as ambulance, paramedic response and technical rescue are run by the Department of Health and Social Care, which oversees the National Health Service.

DCI published over 76,000 emergency services tenders in the UK in 2019. Over 350 of these contracts had an estimated value of over £1 million. The emergency services sector offers huge potential for micro enterprises and SMEs to grow their business, with opportunities for direct contract wins as well as indirect wins as one of the many trusted suppliers within the wider emergency services supply chain.

The demand for the emergency services in the UK is as intense as ever, making this a very exciting time for new suppliers to get involved with the blue light sector to provide a better quality of goods, works and services.

Blue Light Tenders in the UK

Police service tenders

The UK has continued its trend of increasing annual police spending year on year, with counter-terrorism and cyber security strong areas of focus. Extra funding has also been made available to ensure the collaboration and transformation of all areas of the UK’s police forces, including the recruitment of additional police officers.

The Metropolitan Police force, based in Greater London, is one of the largest police forces in the world and has by far the largest number of officers in the UK, with Police Scotland, the unitary Scottish force, the second largest; both forces have increased their funding and collaboration with private sector suppliers.

Your business can bid for police service tenders in the UK and globally to aid police forces to continue to protect the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities.


Fire service tenders

Like police services, fire services around the world are undergoing major upgrades in investment to meet the demands of a changing climate and increasing natural disasters. If your business is not sure whether you have a chance of winning fire service tenders, it is worth exploring the sector as fire services are looking for new suppliers that can improve efficiency and response times.

Fire service tenders are an excellent market for IT and consultancy businesses to target, as well as vehicle manufacturers and repair management companies.


NHS ambulance services

Founded in 1948, the NHS is the fifth largest organisation in the world. With over 1.7 million employees and an average expenditure of £1 billion every three days, the sheer size of the NHS is a huge advantage for companies across all industries seeking to drive business growth.

In recent years, the NHS has made a multimillion-pound investment into new ambulances as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. This capital investment will increase support for paramedics and ambulance staff, which is great news for the future of NHS procurement and for SMEs looking to win ambulance service tenders in supplies, equipment and vehicle dispatch support.

How early engagement can help

In a competitive market, the need for suppliers to engage earlier with public sector buyers is becoming increasingly important to successfully winning emergency services tenders. By making contact with contracting authorities earlier, suppliers can position themselves as influencers and thought leaders, helping them stand out from other potential suppliers. Once a relationship is established with buyers, there is even the possibility to shape the requirements of the contract around your business proposal.

DCI actively encourages early engagement strategies for suppliers by providing details of named contacts for thousands of blue light contracts, allowing effective communication between buyers and suppliers to take place long before a contract notice has even been published.

Win emergency services tenders with DCI

DCI publishes emergency services tenders in the following areas:

  • Police service tenders
  • Fire service tenders
  • Emergency medical response
  • Other services, including natural disaster response

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