Emergency Service Tenders

Emergency service organisations like the police, ambulance service, and fire service are all financed by public money raised through government taxation. Emergency service tenders are required through central government funding these services and with budget provisions increasing there is a growing need for suppliers in the private sector to offer competitive goods and services to service and support a growing global population.

DCI Contracts can help you to find blue light tenders that are relevant to the service or goods that you supply. Last year DCI published over 70,000 unique notices for emergency service tenders. Read on to find out more about the different types of blue light tenders available through DCI.


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Emergency Services Tenders Published by DCI in the past 12 months

UK & ROI Notices
Europe Notices
Global Notices

How to find Blue light tenders

Blue Light Tenders

Whether you are looking for tenders posted by UK police forces, the fire service or ambulance services, DCI Contracts can help you to find these opportunities with the largest tenders database in Europe.

With DCI you can search for Blue Light tenders in the UK, Europe or Globally, enabling your business to expand its reach. Search for blue light tenders that are relevant to your business from supplying vehicle repairs to first aid training equipment with specific keywords and CPV code functionality.

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Emergency Services Procurement

Across the UK, the Government has been working to improve its relationship with SMES. This is working well for both parties and already small and medium-sized enterprises have benefited from £12.2 billion of central government spending (2015/2016).

If you are interested in working with the Government on a home country or regional basis, DCI Contracts publishes emergency services tenders for businesses of all sizes. You can view our range of packages here.

Police Procurement

The goods and services that the UK police procure are essential to efficient delivery of their role.

When the Police Scotland released its procurement-strategy for 2014-2018, they announced that they were “promoting opportunities to work collaboratively with partners.” They are not alone in this, which means now is a great time for your business to start working with the emergency services on a national level.

Your business can bid for tenders that will improve the safety and wellbeing of people, places and communities across the UK.

Fire Service Procurement

Advances in technology mean that public bodies must rise to the challenges of the digital age. This is where procurement can support innovation and development.

A £75 million transformation fund was made available to fire and rescue services in 2015/16, which has been spent to finance collaborative projects.

If your business can collaborate with the fire and rescue service to improve efficiency and response times, you can bid for tenders in sectors like IT and consultancy.

Find out more about how to win public contracts here.



NHS ambulance service procurement

Since the NHS was founded in 1948, its spending has increased on average by 4% a year. In Scotland alone the NHS spends £2 billion per annum on goods and services from around 10,000 different suppliers.

In recent years, the NHS has introduced regional procurement programmes that are focussed on driving value, this has benefited both public sector buyers and suppliers.

As NHS hospitals and ambulances need everything from basic food and medical supplies to emergency service communications, it is highly likely that  they will be looking for the product you supply.

Disaster relief tenders

In the event of a crisis, DCI posts all live disaster relief tenders. If your organisation wanted to supply disaster relief goods, equipment and emergency services, depending on the type of package you choose, you will receive relevant tender alerts.

Emergency Services tenders within Disaster relief are available through DCI and you can search for tender opportunities globally.

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Win Emergency Services Tenders

The NHS and other public sector organisations are always looking to work with suppliers that offer value for money on goods and services.

Figures from, 2017 show that the demand on the UK’s ambulance services is rising by an average of 6%, reflecting the needs of an ageing population with increasingly complex care requirement.

Inevitably, increasing demand means more opportunities for the private sector as emergency services need extra resources to maintain vehicles and equipment.

If you want to win emergency service tenders, you can sign up to Defence contracts international for emergency service tender alerts.

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