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Tendering to the public sector might be particularly challenging without access to a complete solution. Fortunately, Defence Contracts International provides a one-stop shop for public sector contracts that does exactly that. Instead of spending hours scouring government websites for contract opportunities that are appropriate and still accessible, you may locate tenders and obtain pertinent contracts fast utilizing the Opportunity Search option.

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That is on us: Defence Contracts International will handle the labour-intensive tasks, so you do not have to. Our data analysts are available around the clock to ensure you can quickly access the proper tender possibilities at the appropriate time. You may also change and store your search parameters to aid your quest for lucrative public sector contracts.


Quick response: Our contract information is sourced from over 3,000 sources, and you can quickly get the information you want.

Defence Contracts International Simplifies the Tenders Search

When they require products, services, or works, all public sector organizations and public purchasers, including the UK government, must post contract notifications. Resources such as procurement portals, government databases, national portals, or a tender notification service can be used to find these contract possibilities. However, searching through all these sources requires a lot of time and resources, which many providers cannot afford. The tool for Defence Contracts International’s opportunity search enters the picture here. Clients may view all notifications posted on all procurement portals through a single web portal. Find new public contracts the easy way — with Defence Contracts International. Sign up today!

Using Our Contracts Finder

As part of your subscription to Defence Contracts International, you get access to the Opportunity Search tender finder. The three distinct options that Defence Contracts International offers—Classic, Connect, and Complete—all include access to our tender and contracts finder.

Our tender and contracts finder provides comprehensive coverage of public contracts announced by significant public sector organizations and public purchasers in the UK, such as the central government. Simply tweak the settings to focus on the notifications that are applicable to you.

You can quickly and simply identify relevant possibilities instead of combing hundreds of pointless contract notifications, giving you more time to focus on creating a winning bid proposal that will set you apart from the competitors.

How to use the Defence Contracts International bidding portal to discover contracts:

  • Launch the dashboard and sign in.
  • Access the Opportunities tab.
  • Select between Quick Search and Advanced Search.
  • Add the search terms and CPV codes you want to use.
  • Filter your criteria by changing the date range, value, region, and other factors.
  • You may choose a contract notice and begin the bidding process using Bid Manager, or you can save your tender search and return to it later.


Ready to find and win public sector tenders the easy way? Sign up for DCI Pro to gain full coverage of tender opportunities in the UK, Europe, and beyond. Contact us for a free demo today!

Who are Defence Contracts International?

We have been truly pioneering in the public sector industry regarding technology and innovation, releasing the initial nationwide directory of public sector contracts and being the first in marketing with our online services. 

Our clients are at the centre of all we do as we have developed through the years and forged ahead into new frontiers. Defense Contracts International can help you grow your company right away.

With the assistance of Defence Contracts International, grow your company.

Regardless of where your company is located in the UK, Defence Contracts International’s procurement services and tender tools provide you with everything you need to identify, bid on, and win public sector contracts right now and secure future opportunities that will add value to your company.

You may benefit your company by combining our UK tender contract finder with other business intelligence solutions.

Register with Defence Contracts International immediately to locate and win additional contracts in the public sector.

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Download your Free UK Defence Industry Report

Get SAAS-Y This Summer with DCI

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Download your Free UK Defence Industry Report

Download your Free UK Defence Industry Report

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