08 May 2017

AE Weapon Storage and Maintenance Facility at Malmstrom AFB, MT

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

AE Weapon Storage and Maintenance Facility at Malmstrom AFB, MT

Department of the Army

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PO Box 3755 Seattle WA 98124-3755

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Contract Description:

A-E Weapon Storage and Maintenance Facility at Malmstrom AFB, MT


a. This is a Sources Sought Synopsis announcement for information only, to be used for preliminary planning purposes. No proposals are being requested or accepted with this synopsis. This is not a solicitation or a request for proposal (RFP) and no contract shall be awarded from this synopsis. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this synopsis or any follow up information requests. After review of the responses to this notice, and if the Government still plans to proceed with the acquisition, a synopsis will be published in FEDBIZOPPS.

b. The purpose of this Sources Sought notification is to gain knowledge of interest, capabilities and qualifications of interested U.S. Architecture-Engineering (A-E) firms who have the demonstrated capabilities in meeting the project description listed below, and to address any questions, recommendations, or concerns from Industry. Responses to this Sources Sought Synopsis will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition planning decisions.

c. The proposed work to be performed under the following North American Industry Classification (NAICS) code: 541330 for Engineering Services.

d. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District (NWS) anticipates soliciting and awarding a standalone (C-Type) contract for architect-engineering services under the Brooks Act (PL-92-582) procurement procedures.

e. Overview of Project:

NZAS173000 Weapons Storage and Maintenance Facility (WSMF)

The A-E Services will include 100% Design Services for New Construction of P-5001 Weapons Storage and Maintenance Facility (WSMF), located on Malmstrom AFB, Montana. The plans and specifications prepared will be site adaptation of plans and specifications already prepared for another site except that any revisions to criteria and lessons learned will be incorporated in this new design.

The WSMF at Malmstrom AFB, Montana is a consolidated weapons storage and maintenance facility of approximately 8,450 SM (91,260SF) on a 42 acres site that provides training, security, maintenance, and storage functions within a single facility. The facility resulting from the services described in this Sources Sought will provide enhanced operations and security measures within a controlled perimeter. The facility will be a multi-level hardened structure with long span high and low bay areas. The structure must be designed to withstand interior and exterior blast loads. Functional areas include loading, training, warehousing, inspection, maintenance, administration, utility systems, and storage areas. As a hardened, secure, multifunction facility, a series of security features and controls will be incorporated into the design.

Site improvements include demolition, clearing, grading, drainage, new utilities, communications, roadways and parking. Site security improvements include a secure entry/exit access point, an animal control fence, sensored intrusion fence, and a perimeter control zone with a DoD rated barrier.

Services may also include field investigation, bidding services, Building Information Modeling, and Post Award Construction Support (PCAS). Duties will also include, but are not limited to, architectural programming, geotechnical investigation, surveying, cost estimating, and other pre-construction documentation. The project associated with this contract shall involve any combination of the following primary disciplines: Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Fire Protection, Interior Designer, and Electrical Engineering; and the following key specialists: Structural Engineer with expertise in blast mitigation, LEED AP, Security Specialist, and Roofing Specialist.

NOTE: USACE requires all new general building construction projects to integrate high performance and sustainable building guidelines in accordance with applicable Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) requirements, as well as other command-specific energy efficiency standards.

The A-E may be required to conduct comprehensive asbestos and lead paint surveys and provide designs that will provide for the removal and disposal of these hazardous materials in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The facility will be compatible with applicable UFC, DoD and Air Force (AF) design standards applicable to a weapons storage facility. The project will comply with DoD antiterrorism/force protection requirements per UFC. The facility will be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements.

All design will meet requirements for essential facility system design certification. The design for the WSMF will need to incorporate additional requirements not normally found on standard MILCON projects. In addition to standard industry codes and UFC, the design will need to comply with the following:

a. Department of Defense S-5210.41-M, Nuclear Weapons Security Manual: DoD Nuclear Weapon Environment Specific Requirements, Volumes I, II, and III dated 13 Jul 2009.
b. Air Force Manual (AFM) 31-108, Nuclear Weapon Security Manual, Volumes 1-3 dated 1 Feb 2010 with Air Force Global Strike Command Supplement dated 23 Jan 2012.
c. Air Force Instruction (AFI) 91-103, Air Force Nuclear Safety Design Certification Program, dated 17 Nov 2010 with AFGSC Supplement dated 28 Sep 11.
d. AFM 91-201, Explosive Safety Standards, dated 12 Jan 11 with AFGSC Supplement dated 20 Oct 11.
e. AFM 91-118, Safety Design and Evaluation Criteria for Nuclear Weapon Systems, dated 4 Aug 10, Incorporating Change 2 dated 19 Oct 11.
f. AFI 63-125, Nuclear Certification Program, dated 15 Mar 2004, Incorporating Change 1 dated 9 Nov 2009.
g. AFI 32-1065, Grounding Systems, dated 1 Oct 1998.
h. ETL 11-7, Nuclear Weapons-Capable Maintenance and Storage Facilities, dated 1 Sep 11.
i. ETL 11-28, Mandatory Review and Update of Record Drawings for Nuclear-Capable Weapons and Munitions Storage and Maintenance Facilities, dated 7 Dec 2011.

The above list may not be all inclusive, and additional standards may be developed during the design process as required.

The design, shall be treated as Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI) as described under section 148 of the Atomic Energy Act. UCNI is controlled information on a need to know basis and must be controlled and labeled accordingly. Design drawings cannot be transmitted via unencrypted email.

As per DFARS 236.204, the magnitude of the estimated cost of construction (ECC) range for this project is between $100,000,000.00 and $250,000,000.00.


a. Offerors response to this Sources Sought shall be limited to 10 pages and shall include the following information: (Clarifications and/or questions shall be submitted in a separate word document and will not count towards the 10 page limitation).

Offeror’s name, addresses (mailing and URL), point of contact, phone number, and e-mail address. Offerors interest in bidding on the solicitation when it is issued.

Business classification, i.e., Small Business (SB), Small Disadvantage Business (SDB), Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Small Business, 8(a) Program, or Other Than Small Business (Large Business).

Three (3) to five (5) recent examples of past projects which demonstrates the Offeror’s capability to meet project requirements:

1. Demonstrate the ability to work on classified projects or installations where members of the firm held a minimum of a secret security clearance at time of project execution.
2. Prime experience in team integration and management of specialty sub consultant A-Es to deliver unique military projects of similar scale and complexity.
3. Demonstrate experience and ability to develop measures designed to mitigate specific aggressor threats using a security engineering approach which incorporates elements of construction, equipment, procedures, and manpower.
4. Demonstrate experience with DoD Nuclear facilities to include the ability to perform comprehensive on-site security engineering and vulnerability assessment surveys for antiterrorism/force protection to determine threats and vulnerabilities for critical facilities and individual assets.

Offerors SHALL NOT submit a SF330 in response to this Sources Sought Announcement.

b. Submission of your interest is not a prerequisite to any potential future offerings, but participation will assist NWS in identifying sources with required capabilities. If a solicitation is later released, it will be synopsized in FedBizOpps only. The FedBizOpps link is www.fbo.gov.

c. Interested Offerors shall respond to this Sources Sought/Market Survey Synopsis no later than 13:00 hours (PST) 19 May 2017, Pacific Standard Time. All interested contractors must be registered in SAM to be eligible for award of Government contracts. Email responses to: Mr. John P. Scola, Contract Specialist, CENWS-CT-A, Seattle District, Email address: john.p.scola@usace.army.mil.

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