US Government Seeks Office Space in Cleveland, OH

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

US Government Seeks Office Space in Cleveland, OH

General Services Administration

Zip Code:

Aly Brooks, Phone 312-228-2056, Email


Date Posted:


Contract Description:

U.S. Government
Expressions of Interest Sought

Statement of Requirements: The Government is seeking to lease office and related space in Cleveland, OH for a minimum of 18,910 ANSI/BOMA Office Area (ABOA) to a maximum of 18,910 ABOA square feet.

State: Cleveland
City: OH

Delineated Area:
• North Boundary: Route 2
• East Boundary: East 30th Street
• South Boundary: US 490
• West Boundary: West 73 Road Street

Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 18,910 contiguous
Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA): 18,910 contiguous

Space Type: Office

Parking Spaces (Total): 94
Parking Spaces (Surface): 0
Parking Spaces (Structured & Reserved): 94

Full Term: 15 years
Firm Term: 10 years
Option Term: N/A

Additional Requirements:
• In addition to the rental costs the Government will also factor in the costs of moving to a new location including, but not limited to, physical move, tenant improvements, above standard/specialized alterations/equipment, furniture relocation, telecommunications, and other related costs. Note that these same costs may not be factored in when evaluating whether it is most advantageous to the Government to remain in the current lease location. The Government is interested in considering alternative space if economically advantageous.
• The Government will use the information it receives in response to this advertisement as a basis to develop a cost/benefit analysis and to determine whether to compete the lease requirement or pursue a sole source justification to remain at its current location.
• Preference will be given to space located on the second story, or higher. In the event a 2nd or above space is not available in the market, the Government will accept first floor space under the following circumstances: The Government is sole tenant; all “on-site” required secured parking for official law enforcement vehicles is included; 20 foot setback from building to all sidewalks, access streets, parking lots, adjoining streets; a fence meeting the Government specifications is included at lessor/owner expense; and blast film is provided at owners expense if the Government determines blast film is required based on risk/vulnerability assessment of the property. The Government will also consider first floor space in a multi-tenant building if the other tenants are not retail and do not cater to heavy public use or heavy foot/vehicle traffic. Risk/vulnerability assessment of the property will be on a case by case basis. Contiguous space on a single floor or adjoining floors (including stacked space) is required. The Government shall have the right to relocate exterior penetrations for security concerns
• Secure on-site or adjacent parking is required either in the form of an enclosed garage with reserved spaces or an adjacent surface lot with direct access to a building entrance. Interior parking must have a 12′ height clearance and exterior parking must be able to be secured with fencing and access control devices.
• Space must be located in a prime commercial office district with attractive, prestigious surroundings with a prevalence of modern design and/or tasteful rehabilitation in modern use.
• Subleases are not acceptable.
• All services, supplies, utilities and tenant alterations are to be provided as part of the rental consideration.
• The offered space must meet or be capable of meeting Government requirements for Security, Fire Life Safety and Handicapped Accessibility.
• The Government shall have access to the space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Space should allow for efficient layout and office workflow. Columns must have regular spacing of sufficient distance to support effective design.

Expressions of interest must be received in writing no later than March 26, 2019 at 5:00 PM EST, and must include the following information at a minimum:
• Building name and address;
• Location of space in the building and date of availability;
• ANSI/BOMA Office Area (ABOA) square feet offered AND Rentable square feet offered;
• Scaled floor plans (as-built) identifying offered space;
• Evidence of ability to meet the required occupancy date of March 2020;
• Name, address, telephone number, and email address of authorized contact.
• All interested parties must either submit evidence of ownership or written authorization to represent the owner(s). Any submission received without documentation of ownership and/or written authorization to represent the owner(s) will not be considered until such time the documentation has been received which also must be submitted prior to the Expression of Interest Due Date. In case where an agency is representing multiple ownership entities, broker must submit written acknowledgment/permission to represent multiple interested parties for the same submission
• Reference Project Number 8OH2365 in response to this ad.


Projected Dates.
Expressions of Interest Due: March 26, 2019
Occupancy (Estimated): March 2020

Government Contact.
In no event shall the offeror enter into negotiations or discussions concerning the space to be leased with representatives of any Federal Agency other than the officers and employees of the General Services Administration (GSA) or their authorized representative.

Send Expressions of Interest to:
Name/Title: Alyssa Brooks, Associate
Office Number: 312-228-2056
E-mail Address:


Name/Title: Jon Vanderplough, Vice President
Office Number: 216-937-4376
E-mail Address:


Response Date:

Sol Number:

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