06 Jul 2017

US Army tests Hydrogen Technology for trucks

A US Army demonstration has been undertaken to assess the capability improvements of diesel trucks using a proprietary hydrogen injection system.

Developed by Commercial Hydrogen Inc of Houston, the system is designed to improve mileage and air quality for diesel trucks, which was confirmed by the test.

The initial installation and testing went well, according to Robert Kennedy, Air Program Manager, DPW Environmental Division at Fort Hood, who said: “The mileage testing achieved a 7.2 to 8.4 miles per gallon increase in mileage. This is a 15.3% improvement in fuel economy.”

Performance gains are from reducing fuel consumption and boosting the life-span of the engine and its vital components.

The systems can be added as a retrofit to commercial and military trucks, for 10-15L diesel engines and those manufactured from 1980 to the present.

According to Todd Fowler, CEO of Commercial Hydrogen, Inc: “Our products are at the leading edge within the existing billion-dollar industry. Our retrofits are paid for in less than one year, just in fuel savings alone,” Fowler continues. “Operators are getting improved fuel economy in the 10% to 30% range. Additionally, we are finding that air emissions are improving dramatically. It’s a total win-win.”

Implications for the military are significant, both increasing cost savings and providing an increased operational range, as well as efficiencies. The system also helps address problems within the commercial haulage industry, helping to increase cost margins and provide benefits towards environmental responsibility.


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