26 Jul 2019

US Air Force Materiel Command launches initiative to examine command structures

AFMC is launching the ‘AFMC We Need’ initiative which allows air men and women to provide their input on command structures within the air force.

The initiative will allow for civilians and air force workers to shape future command structure within the organisation. The whole of the AFMC workforce will be able to participate and take part in online surveys and focus groups.

Anonymous feedback will be used to encourage more participation. The gathered data will be evaluated along with input from best practices and the industry to recommend changes for the future of the AFMC.

AFMC Commander General Arnold W. Bunch Jr. said: “This command’s work is vital to the execution of the National Defense Strategy. AFMC has built the most powerful Air Force in the world and our nation is depending on us to acquire, field and sustain the capabilities the Air Force needs to secure our nation’s future.”

“To provide technology at the speed of relevance to counter adversarial threats and to sustain our service’s lethality, we need to make sure our organization is strategically organized, structured and resourced to execute our critical missions for the nation.”

“We are developing a 21st Century AFMC that is able to anticipate warfighter needs and leverages innovation to advance technology and deliver capabilities at the speed we need to remain ahead of our adversaries. Our work supports every Air Force mission, and it’s our responsibility to build the most lethal and ready Air Force.”

Areas to be discussed include:

  • Unity of command and effort, including major command and program office structure and authorities
  • Command processes and the ability to support aging weapon systems
  • Internal structure and organisation
  • Agility to adapt to provide rapid capabilities and logistics for the future
  • Alignment among multiple emerging initiatives and strategies
  • Ability to anticipate needs and lead solutions.

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