03 Sep 2019

Trump officially announces establishment of United States Space Command

US President Donald Trump has announced that the United States Space Command has been officially established, becoming the nation’s 11th geographic combatant command.

Space is set to become the next hotly contested battle sphere amid concerns over the vulnerability of satellites to hostile actions from the likes of Russia and China.

At the direction of the President, Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper established US Space Command (USSPACECOM) with General John W. Raymond confirmed is its Senate confirmed commander.

“To ensure the protection of America’s interests in space we must apply the necessary focus, energy, and resources to the task – and that is exactly what Space Command will do,” said Secretary Esper. “Gen. Raymond is acutely aware of the vital role that space plays in U.S. national security and our way of life and is an ideal choice to lead this new command. Establishing the United States Space Command as a unified combatant command is the next critical step towards the creation of an independent Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.”

Assured access to space is vital across the full range of military operations,” said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. “This step puts us on a path to maintain a competitive advantage in this critical war fighting domain.”

From establishment, Gen. Raymond will remain dual-hatted as Commander, US Space Command, and Commander, Air Force Space Command.

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