27 Aug 2018

The Invisible Battlespace: DASA publishes competition document

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has published a brand new competition document for The Invisible Battlespace, focusing on the hotly contested electromagnetic environment.

The Accelerator is seeking new concepts from academia and the private sector alike to better develop radically different approaches to operations across and within the increasingly congested electromagnetic environment – otherwise known as The Invisible Battlespace.

The competition initially opened in late July, though detailed documents have only recently been released. Here, the focus is radio and microwave bands and how innovative technology relating to these can be brought to the front-line. In total, £1 million will be made available to innovators during Phase I, with additional funding available during future phases.

Crucially, the competition supports the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (Dstl) existing Contested Electromagnetic Environment Programme, designed to develop new concepts in the electromagnetic environment and ensure that the UK is prepared for future opportunities and threats.

Innovative approaches will be needed to ensure our Armed Forces and security services aren’t at a disadvantage as the electromagnetic environment becomes more cluttered and challenging; for example, with radio wave interference. The known reliance of military systems on the spectrum makes this an obvious target for many of the UK’s adversaries.

To learn more about the competition please visit the DASA website.

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