15 Aug 2019

Summit examines US DOD cybersecurity strategy

A Washington summit featured senior defence officials discussing cybersecurity strategy and new technology to fight the threat.

Panellists at the summit discussed how new developments are affecting the US cybersecurity strategy to protect military information and national infrastructure. Speakers said that the growing reliance on computers and data means that strong policy is essential.

The panel discussed increased automation as a way of further securing systems. They spoke about the need to reduce the likelihood of human error compromising systems as well as increasing human ability to react and identifying errors and potential threats quickly.

Predictive data analytics were suggested as a means of spotting vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Bringing cyber into wargaming was shown to be a good way of understanding potential issues in the warfighting capabilities at the DOD.

Jason Martin, vice director of the Development and Business Center and acting director of the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Cyber Development Directorate, said a number of innovative tools are available that need to be identified and shared across the department and with other federal organisations. Martin said he’s never denied anyone a transfer and agrees that allowing people to move around allows them to grow and share information with their new teams.

One focus was on the need to grow a workforce that is familiar with cybersecurity measures and how new technology, such as blockchain, can be used to protect US defence systems and industrial partners. Speakers recommended allowing personnel and staff to move to new DOD areas easily and increased collaboration between different departments.

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