13 Jun 2017

Students visit HMS Sultan to develop leadership and teamwork skills

Students from Glenmoor and Winton Academy visited HMS Sultan with the Jon Egging Trust to learn all about leadership and teamwork within the Royal Navy.

A total of 12 year 9 pupils spent a day visiting the Defence College of Technical Training’s Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School (RNAESS) and participating in number of challenges.

The pupils were given a talk on the fundamentals of leadership before being given a number of leaderless tasks designed to improve their communications, confidence, and team building skills.

Gavin Darwin, Pastoral Leader at Glenmoor and Winton Academy said: “The activities have helped the children to develop resilience and communication with each other and have included blind folded activities and getting across an assault course with a lot of other distractions.”

The Jon Egging Trust was established in memory of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging, who died whilst completing a Red Arrows aerial display at the Bournemouth Air Festival six years ago.

Regional Manager for the Trust, Allie Hack, commented: “The program for today has been amazing and for us as a trust, especially with Jon having had an RAF background it is really nice for us to be able to make a Naval Link and allow children to have those experiences.

“What’s been fantastic for these children today is that they have been able to speak to people from the really junior trainee right through to the experienced officers, to hear their stories and see how much the Navy has given them in terms of their careers and development.

“These kids need to know that and know that the opportunity is there for them and that life doesn’t have to have limited horizons.”

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