23 Feb 2016

Sell to Defence with the Ultimate Guide to Winning Government Contracts

FindBidWinThe UK MOD spends approximately £23bn on the procurement of goods and services with industry each year, making it the UK’s single largest buying organisation.

This buying isn’t restricted to military supplies; defence contracts include transferrable technologies such as cyber security solutions, civil transport, research and development and blue light services, to name but a few.

The vast scope of the defence market makes it a highly lucrative one; however, it is also a market in which suppliers can easily get lost.

To help defence suppliers find and win the contracts that are right for them, procurement specialist BiP Solutions has released its Ultimate Guide to Winning Government Contracts.

The Ultimate Guide starts by explaining the scale of the public sector marketplace and the financial gains it has to offer businesses of all types and sizes. It then explains the preparation work that suppliers must do before bidding for contracts, as well as the practical steps involved in the various stages of the bidding process.

Not content to leave suppliers hanging, the Ultimate Guide goes further to explain what action can be taken after a bid, should an unsuccessful applicant seek further information. With jargon busters, top tips and graphs, the website has wide appeal to a variety of users, from procurement novices to experts.

Procurement opportunities have never been more abundant in the defence sector, with the Government’s recent Strategic Defence and Security Review outlining £178 billion spend over the next decade; allowing investment in people, equipment and the MOD estate.

These resources will be powered by the goods and services provided by companies like yours. To boost your chances of supplying to the MOD, and other defence buyers, get FREE ACCESS to The Ultimate Guide to Winning Government Contracts.