02 Feb 2018

Sallyport Global awarded $400 million F-16 Iraq base contract

Sallyport Global has been awarded a new foreign military sales (FMS) contract through the US Air Force to support Iraq’s F-16 mission at Balad Air Base worth $400 million.

Under the contract, Sallyport will deliver comprehensive life and logistics support, security, construction, and base operation support services at the largest Iraqi Air Base supporting more than 4,000 resident contractors involved in the Iraqi Air Force F-16 Programme.

The company has successfully delivered on more than 100 contingency contracts supporting host nation capacity development, post-conflict stability, humanitarian, and reconstruction efforts.

Victor Esposito, CEO of Sallyport Global said: “Sallyport has been a dedicated partner to the Air Force in the global fight against terror, and we look forward to continuing our important work providing essential services and support to the Iraqi Air Force F-16 program at Balad Air Base”

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