30 Jul 2018

SAAB to deliver RAF’S Typhoons with new smart self-protection system

Saab has been chosen by BAE Systems for the development of a new pyrotechnic smart self-protection system for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft to defeat radar- and IR-guided threats.

The order is part of a framework agreement with BAE Systems consisting of development, production, support and future sales of the Smart Dispenser System (SDS), a pyrotechnic smart self-protection system for the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Typhoons and future Eurofighter opportunities.

SDS is the latest generation in Saab´s BOP family of pyrotechnic countermeasure dispensers. BOP is in-service on fighters and other combat aircraft types, and has been proven over several decades including on active operations.

The development and integration work of SDS will be carried out at the Saab site in Järfälla, Sweden and will be finished in the 2020 timeframe.

Anders Carp, Head of Saab business area Surveillance, said: “This new smart dispenser system provides a significant increase in self-protection capability to defeat modern threats by dispensing optimised countermeasure sequences and directions. SDS will significantly enhance the combat survivability of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

“Saab´s electromechanical self-protection system BOL has been in use on Eurofighter since its inception, and we are now looking forward to strengthening the platform’s countermeasure capability through SDS.”

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