05 Oct 2017

Royal Navy to receive £1 billion of support

royal navy

Around £1 billion is set to be promised to the Royal Navy by the Defence Secretary, Sir Michael Fallon. The money will be used to pay for a new support model for the Royal Navy fleet and the thousands of British jobs surrounding it.

The Common Support Model (CSM) will provide the supportive framework needed to keep the Royal Navy’s fleet, including Britain’s future flagship vessel the HMS Queen Elizabeth, in prime condition for decades to come.

The CSM looks to make improvements to Royal Navy vessels whilst simultaneously making savings in equipment costs going forward.

Upcoming contracts are expected to safeguard thousands of jobs across the UK in places such as Portsmouth, Bristol, Devonport, Crawley, Poole and on the Clyde. Everything from combat management systems, fleet-wide communications and aircraft landing aids as well as spares, repairs and maintenance will be covered by the contracts.

You can read more about the Royal Navy and the Common Support Model at the link below:

Defence Secretary to announce new £1bn support model for Royal Navy

The Common Support Model (CSM) will provide a framework for comprehensive support across the Royal Navy’s fleet of warships for decades to come in one new overarching arrangement. The model will maintain the likes of both brand new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers, as well as all existing warships and will be able to incorporate future ships such as the Type 26 and Type 31e.

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