29 Apr 2019

Royal Navy named leads in female workforce

The Royal Navy has been named as one of 50 top employers with a growing female workforce.

The Royal Navy’s growing female workforce has been praised in a list recognising employers for gender diversity. The list comes shortly after the navy opened all positions to female candidates including commando roles.

Women in the navy are encouraged to attend an industry conference on career development to help them re-enter the workplace after maternity leave and sessions on parenting are offered throughout pregnancy and maternity. The unranked list highlights employers who promote diverse working environments and encourage women’s career progression.

Lieutenant Commander Helen Wright said: “I still love being in the Royal Navy and when I look back over my career I have been incredibly lucky to have done so many wonderful things. Today at 50 I am still serving, have had many opportunities and have risen through the ranks and achieved officer status.”

“If I had to choose one highlight I would struggle – serving on Paradise Island was great as was working for the Commander in Chief. I enjoyed visiting many countries all over the world and experiencing their cultures and last but not least serving on HMS Victory.”

The Times Top 50 Employers for Women List recognises UK employers from all sector of business and industry who lead on gender diversity and involves a comprehensive submission process managed by the gender equality campaign at Business in the Community. The Royal Navy was congratulated for its efforts by Chloe Chambraud, director of gender equality at Business in the Community.

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