Cyber Essentials

The cost of a cyber security breach can cost tens of millions of pounds, and according to the latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey, more than 4 out of 10 UK businesses suffered a breach in 2018.

Protect your organisation by making yourself aware of current threats and by having in place the five basic technical controls listed under the Government-endorsed Cyber Essentials scheme.

MOD suppliers require Cyber Essentials certification

Since January 2016, Cyber Essentials certification has been mandatory for suppliers looking to do business with the MOD.

The MOD assesses each procurement and assigns it a cyber security risk level. As the risk level goes up, some additional controls are required that can be evaluated through Cyber Essentials Plus vulnerability tests. All organisations seeking certification must complete the first stage (Cyber Essentials).

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What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government-introduced, industry-backed cyber security certification that enables organisations to showcase their credentials as trustworthy and secure.


Why You Should Certify?

Protect – The controls that need to be in place to achieve Cyber Essentials certification protect a business from around 80% of common cyber attacks.

Promote – Certification allows your business/organisation to promote itself as cyber secure up to the Cyber Essentials base level, which can make a real difference when bidding for contracts.

Comply–- Cyber Essentials is the minimum certification an organisation needs to implement to bid for new MOD defence contracts, which include the transfer of ‘MOD identifiable information’.

Get Cyber Essentials Certified

All Cyber Essentials applications are submitted to the awarding body, QG Business Solutions Ltd. You can choose from the following three options:

Cyber Essentials

Once you purchase Cyber Essentials, you will be given access to the self-assessment questionnaire, which is completed online. This questionnaire is designed to establish whether your organisation has the necessary cyber security in place to defend itself from common types of cyber attack.

Questionnaires are then reviewed by a member of our Cyber Essentials team, who will liaise with you about any gaps or additional information required in order to approve your application, before your application is approved and your certification issued.

Cyber Essentials Fast Track

The process for Cyber Essentials Fast Track is similar to that outlined above, save that those choosing the Fast Track application service get certified within 2 business days.*

Cyber Essentials Plus

If you have chosen to apply for Cyber Essentials Plus, you will first complete the self-assessment questionnaire as above. We will then arrange a suitable date and time to visit your premises and conduct the more stringent tests required for this level of certification.


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* Office hours are based on UK working time 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-2pm on Fridays. FastTrack applications made outwith these times cannot be guaranteed for a 2 business days turnaround.