17 Dec 2018

Police receive largest funding increase since 2010

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has stated that he has prioritised police funding since taking on his role earlier this year. Last week it was announced that the police are set to receive their largest funding increase since 2010.


Funding increase

The provisional police funding settlement for 2019/20 has been announced; it sits at £14 billion, £970 million more than the previous year.

This increase aims to provide more resources for forces across the UK and will enable the UK police to respond more effectively to ever-changing threats and organised crime such as drug trafficking.

Mr Javid said that:

“This is a significant funding settlement that provides the most substantial police funding increase since 2010, with more money for local police forces, counter terrorism and tackling serious and organised crime.”

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will receive £7.8 billion in general government grants, which is £161 million more than the previous year.


What are the police spending money on?

In 2018, £175 million was spent on the Police Transformation Fund, a project which aims to digitise the whole policing system. Projects like this “make it easier for the public to engage with police online, and boost capacity to deal with major threats”.

Budget is also spent on essentials that forces need on a day-to-day basis. ‘Blue light’ tenders vary considerably as the funding received by the police is spent on everything from cars to uniforms – which means that there are thousands of opportunities published every year.


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