19 Nov 2018

Police funding in 2018/19: Blue light tender opportunities

Between 2018/19 the Government will have spent £175 million on the Police Transformation Fund. Extra funding to the UK policing to aims to improve services and transform the policing system.

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What is the Police Transformation Fund?

In the Home Office factsheet “Police funding for 2018/19 explained”, the Government outlines how much funding forces in England and Wales have received during this year. The document also explains more about how the police can improve efficiency and productivity throughout the nation.

Speaking on the Police Transformation Fund it states that:

“Led by the police themselves, the fund enables policing to invest money in reform, transformation and digitisation projects to benefit the whole policing system.”


Funding in 2018/2019

The police want to reap the benefits of technology. New programmes will “make it easier for the public to engage with police online, and boost capacity to deal with major threats.”

In August 2018, it was announced that the Home Office had awarded over £100 million to police transformation projects as part of the fund. Projects using this funding will include digital policing and transformative forensic initiatives.


Smarter Police Procurement

“Police funding for 2018/19 explained” states that English and Welsh police must improve efficiency and increase productivity. To do this, forces should be “making better use of the money and systems they have.”

The police want to procure in “a smarter way.” To do this they may need to make new partnerships and open blue light tenders to new suppliers.


Find Blue Light Tenders

As the police purchase everything from cars to uniforms, forces across the UK work with a range of defence and security suppliers.

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