Overview: Public Sector 2020 report

Business in December is not always as productive as it can be, with the impending seasonal festivities and holiday spirit providing a perfect distraction from work. However, research conducted by DCI’s parent company, BiP Solutions, in their newly released Public Sector 2020 report shows that December can be a crucial month for driving investment in your business growth whilst the rest of your competitors are hibernating. If your organisation keeps it focus and its foot on the gas during the festive period, then you will sail easily into the first months of the new year ahead of your competitors who may be struggling to catch you up.

BiP Solutions’ ‘Public Sector 2020 – Opportunities for Smart Suppliers to Get Ahead’ report explores the key political, social and technological factors that can help suppliers engage with new defence contracts during this vital lead-in period.

Politics and procurement

DCI is committed to helping suppliers engage with contracts successfully, in order for their business to grow. We publish defence contracts from across the UK and all over the world, bridging the gap between UK businesses and international defence procurement opportunities. The report from BiP Solutions will be instrumental in helping you achieve your business growth ambitions for 2020, by setting your plans for the coming year in motion right now.

In the run-up to the General Election on 12 December, there is much concern and uncertainty among businesses over anticipated contract volumes, particularly in the defence sector. This uncertainty can affect how businesses plan their procurement strategies going forward. However, it is imperative to note that the report from BiP shows that there is no correlation in recent times between General Election periods and a downturn in the volume of public contracts being published. In fact, research into contract activity during the last two General Elections (7 May 2015 and 8 June 2017) reveals no significant decline in the volume of new notices being published prior to polling day, compared to non-election years. Since 2017, the overall volume of contract notices being published has actually started to rise, showing that politics and procurement do not mix quite as badly as some people might tend to presume.

Smart suppliers should use the traditionally quieter time of December to research new opportunities across the defence sector and prepare their procurement strategy with this intelligence in mind. By working hard throughout the festive period, whilst your competitors are not, your chances of success in defence procurement will be significantly higher in the following months.

New year, new opportunities

Give your organisation the best chance of success in winning defence tenders. The report, which will be regularly updated throughout the General Election campaign and immediately afterwards, presents the most up-to-date statistics for suppliers looking to find success in procurement across all industries.

Download BiP Solutions’ ‘The Public Sector 2020 – Opportunities for Smart Suppliers to Get Ahead’ report now.


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