Defence procurement

The global defence industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, with expenditure exceeding $1.57 trillion in 2016.

The defence procurement market in the UK alone is worth around £20 billion; in fact the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) is UK industry’s single largest customer. The UK MOD is also committed to spending around £178bn over the next 10 years as part of their Equipment spending plan to deliver large scale Defence procurement projects and unlock the MOD supply chain for SME’s.

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Key Defence Procurement Facts

% GDP spent by UK
% UK Gov Procurement Spend
UK Ranking by Global spend
US billions spent on defence

UK MOD Opportunities
Wider defence market in the UK, Europe and beyond

The defence procurement market is huge

The defence procurement market is huge and it is open to all suppliers, large and small. Businesses of all shapes and sizes win ministry of defence tenders every day and go on to build profitable relationships with some of the world’s leading public and private companies.

How to win contracts in Defence Procurement

If you want to win business through defence procurement, you need to give yourself a competitive advantage – specifically the knowledge and skills your competitors don’t have. With over 20 years experience in supporting the defence industries procurement needs through BIP Solutions.

DCI is the perfect choice for suppliers looking to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you are new to defence procurement or an experienced winner DCI has tools that will enhance your procurement activity and help you become more competitive.


The DCI team is constantly searching for new business opportunities not only with the UK MOD but also with all the stakeholders in the wider defence procurement market in the UK and overseas.

Many of these opportunities don’t exist in other tender portals or publications.

The tools you need

We provide a range of easy-to-use tools that give you the insights, analysis and business intelligence you need to stay two steps ahead of the competition and we are constantly evolving to grow with you.

Our unique proposition helps suppliers win contracts.

Market Engagement

Use DCI to uncover leads and grow your business pipeline with innovative features like Market Leads and Spend Analysis. Or engage the market face to face with free tickets for industry leading events such as DPRTE.

We help your business get noticed

  • DCI has enabled Microlise to get ahead of the game, be proactive and has opened doors that in the past had been firmly closed. There are a wealth of opportunities out there and DCI conveniently brings them together in to one easy to use space. Its not just contracts either, DCI allows businesses to establish a network of contacts in relevant fields.
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