20 Oct 2017

Operations Systems Center (OSC) Application Product Lines Enterprise Services

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Operations Systems Center (OSC) Application Product Lines Enterprise Services

Department of Homeland Security

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Coast Guard Blvd Portsmouth VA 23703

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Brenda E. Oberholzer, Phone 3044333223, Email Brenda.E.Oberholzer@uscg.mil


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THIS NOTICE IS NOT A REQUEST FOR A COMPETITIVE QUOTE. This is to advise Industry of the Government’s plan of action and the necessity of issuing a sole source bridge TO.

The Coast Guard Command, Control, Communications, and Information Technology
Service Center (C4IT SC) Procurement and Contracting Division, in support of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Operations Systems Center (OSC), intends to award a sole source time and material (T&M) task order (TO) with Digital Management, LLC (DMI) for interim application product lines enterprise services (APLES) in support of OSC, located in Kearneysville, WV and the USCG Finance Center located in Chesapeake, VA. APLES services include the full range of software engineering services required to provide full lifecycle support (including design, development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and enhancement) for USCG enterprise applications. These services support five of the Coast Guard’s strategic missions (Protection of Natural Resources, National Defense, Maritime Safety, Maritime Mobility, and Maritime Security).

The proposed TO will be awarded under GSA Alliant Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract # GS00Q09BGD0061. The proposed TO is necessary to cover the period between the expiration of the current APLES sole source TO option period on 31 December 2017 and the anticipated time necessary to award the follow-on APLES II IDIQ contract vehicle in June 2018. The proposed period of performance for the sole source TO is as follows:

Performance Period                                       
Base: 01/01/2018 – 06/30/2018 discussions not necessary (assumes effective date of 6/1/2018 or APLES II with 1 month transition)
Option 1: 07/01/2018 – 10/31/2018  if discussions are necessary (assumes effective date of 10/1/2018 with 1 month transition)
Option 2: 11/01/2018 – 02/28/2019 respond to protest (assumes effective date of 02/01/2019 with 1 month transition)
Option 3: 03/01/2018 – 04/30/2019 unplanned delays
Total (if all options are exercised): 01/01/2018 – 04/30/2019

The incumbent contractor, DMI is the only known source capable of providing an interim period of APLES services effective 1 January 2018 until the follow-on APLES II evaluation and award can be accomplished. The APLES II competitive 8(a) acquisition is currently in the proposal evaluation stage with an anticipated award date of 1 June 2018. Continued APLES services are required on 1 January 2018. DMI’s expertise is critical to the implementation of the multitude of active cyber security projects, including the on-going transition of an enterprise wide Public Key Infrastructure Enforcement capability for standard and privileged users that all USCG business systems will employ, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) mandated timelines for transition to the Windows 10 standard desktop image (March 2018), the upcoming DISA Command Cyber Readiness Review (CCRI, February 2018), on-going DHS Chief Financial Officer (CFO) audit compliance work, and other high profile, engineering projects. There is no viable or reasonable solution other than to award a sole source TO to DMI effective 1 January 2018. Discontinuing APLES services is not an alternative as cyber vulnerabilities would remain unresolved while new vulnerabilities would likely emerge, and the timelines to support Windows 10 migration, the DISA CCRI and CFO audit compliance are tight and unyielding. The cyber security environment is highly dynamic, with new vulnerabilities, security requirements and implementation mandates received on a weekly basis. With the number of USCG systems operated and maintained by the OSC, the lack of vital and critical services would immediately result in disruption of the mission critical initiatives previously listed, negatively impacting USCG missions, the overall security posture of the USCG, and the DoD global information network.

The sole source TO will ensure the continuity of all mission critical APLES services for the USCG. DMI holds all required certifications and clearances, and is familiar with the technical and Information Technology Security (ITSEC) complexities of both the OSC and the OSC-supported USCG Finance Center. DMI provides the USCG with complex services in the DoD IT environment with stringent, specific subject matter expertise in software enhancement as well as operations and maintenance application support services. Many of these functions are USCG domain specific, and require full compliance with ITSEC policies including clearances and DoD 8570 certifications. DoD 8570 requires that all personnel using DoD resources achieve a basic computer security credential, which must be completed within 30 days of contract staff arriving at the OSC, and which also must be renewed annually. Contractor privileged users must complete advanced computer security training, the purpose of which is to:
• Prevent theft of or damage to government hardware
• Prevent theft of or damage to government proprietary and secure information
• Prevent disruption of services for mission essential functions
• Maintain secrecy and integrity of USCG Information Systems
• Prohibit denial of service of USCG Information Systems

USCG systems at OSC maintain personal privacy and sensitive government information. Any unauthorized access of this information to foreigners, criminals, and people with ill-intent would damage the reputation of the USCG and the U.S. Government and could cause financial harm to those whose private information might be disclosed. The DoD 8570 training and certification ensures that the Contractor’s personnel (contract staff) that perform the APLES services supporting USCG enterprise-wide applications are properly trained and abide by the most current security regimen.

While many Contractors could provide the required APLES services, it would be impossible to conduct a second competition for any interim contract vehicle as the effective date of a competitive award must be no later than 1 December 2017. In accordance with the USCG Procurement Action Lead Times (PALT), the minimum timeline to complete all phases of a competitive interim TO would be 9 months.

The C4IT SC Procurement and Contracting Division intends to negotiate this TO with DMI, precluding the fair opportunity process in accordance with FAR 16.505(b)(2)(B)(ii)-only one awardee is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services ordered are unique or highly specialized. The statutory authority permitting an exception to fair opportunity is 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Any response to this notice must be submitted in writing to the Government and show clear and convincing evidence that another source is capable of meeting the Government’s requirements for these highly specialized services and that competition of the requirement for interim services would be advantageous to the Government. If no written responses are received within fifteen (15) days after the publication of this response, awarding of the sole source TO will be initiated without further notice.

Questions and comments pertaining to this procurement shall be emailed to Brenda.E.Oberholzer@uscg.mil, Contract Specialist, or to Kathy.P.Klein@uscg.mil, Contracting Officer.

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