16 Apr 2018

Next Generation Jammer announced for US Navy E/A-18 Growler

Lockheed Martin is combining forces with Cobham as part of the Next Generation Jammer Low Band (NGJ-LB) competition to replace the US Navy ALQ-99 tactical jamming system currently outfitted on E/A-18 Growler aircraft.

The ALQ-99 is a tactical jamming system previously deployed on the EA-6B Prowler and now the EA-18G Growler. Crucially, its replacement – the NGJ-LB – will provide significantly greater electronic attack capabilities through the lower frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, ensuring the aircraft keeps pace with emerging threats.

Originally, Cobham developed and was sole production partner to the US Navy on the ALQ-99 Low Band Transmitter/Antenna Group – a programme that the defence specialist has supported ever since.

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin has pioneered electronic warfare solutions for 40 years or more, having cut its teeth on the Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare (AOEW) system and the multi-mission AN/ALQ-210 and AN/ALQ-217 Electronic Support Measures – again for the US Navy.

According to Joe Ottaviano, Director of Electronic Warfare at Lockheed Martin: “The Lockheed Martin and Cobham team will leverage expertise in both companies to offer the US Navy a critically important system with increased capability and reduced risk. Our team is confident we can meet the navy’s need for improved jamming capabilities with a scalable, open architecture design that balances capabilities with size, weight and power constraints.”

Jim Barber, Senior Vice President of Cobham Integrated Electronic Solutions – a division of Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions – added: “Cobham has continued to invest in state-of-the-art, next generation Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) transmitter capabilities for the EA-18G community and looks forward to continuing to deliver reliable and scalable solutions well into the future.

“Our strong partnership with Lockheed Martin on programs such as AOEW and the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 2, along with our collective capabilities and heritage with the electronic warfare community will provide the best value for the US Navy.”

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