07 May 2019

New director of Defence Innovation selected at MOD

Clare Cameron has been appointed the new Director of Defence Innovation at the MOD after years of cabinet experience.

Clare has previously worked in various roles across defence and the Cabinet Office and will secure defence innovation across the MOD in her new role. Clare was also deployed in Afghanistan and implemented business change in the government.

Clare explained her new responsibilities in an interview, saying that certain aspects of the role will be a learning experience. The role will involve both technological innovation and new ways of running aspects of the organisation such as training and recruitment.

Clare said: “I see the various innovation hubs and accelerators across Defence and other government departments as a real opportunity. It means that innovation is alive and moving to the forefront of our people’s thinking.”

“What I want to do is create awareness of the different organisations, create links and identify opportunities for working together. We have a real opportunity to establish a vibrant, collaborative team that can maximise the potential of each innovation for both Defence and Security.”

Clare has emphasised the need for collaboration with SMEs and using innovation hubs across the government to their full potential. She said that anticipating technological advances is the key to advancing faster than adversaries, citing her own experience in Afganistan to emphasise how much technology can help those in the field.

Her role will involve collaboration across many sectors to explore different uses for tech. She praised DASA and previous work of the MOD in introducing innovation and said that collaboration will come to the forefront for future projects.

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