06 Dec 2013

MOD reform praised by independent report

Summary: According to a report published by Lord Levene into the structure and management of the Ministry of Defence, significant progress has been made to transform MOD into a more professional and responsible organisation.

Effective defence organisation

Lord Levene’s Defence Reform report, published in 2011, made 53 recommendations on how to transform the MOD into a more effective defence organisation that could better support the needs of the Armed Forces.

Since then, he has monitored the changes that have been made and, in his second review of the progress made, has praised the successful reforms that have taken place right across the department.

Lord Levene has praised the MOD for embracing complex and radical change to improve both efficiency and financial management.

Business-like MOD

Lord Levene describes the elimination of the £38 billion budget deficit as a remarkable achievement and says there is now clear evidence that MOD is more business-like and finance-focused.

His report welcomes the imaginative ways in which the department has increased accountability and reduced bureaucracy by delegating responsibility to the heads of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

The report acknowledges that better leadership, direction and prioritisation have led to a more strategic approach in MOD.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:

“We have rightly focused our efforts on reshaping our Armed Forces to meet future threats and delivering better value for money for taxpayers. Lord Levene’s report is a welcome endorsement of the progress we have made in reforming Defence.”