14 Mar 2018

Leonardo partners with Nozomi Networks to shore up cyber security

Leonardo has entered into partnership with Nozomi Networks to capitalise on the cyber security specialist’s deep network visibility, non-intrusive monitoring and continuous threat detection capabilities.

On a daily basis, our infrastructure is subject to an increasingly complex barrage of cyber attacks. A greater level of detection is therefore needed to shore up online protection and response capabilities. Here, Nozomi Networks’ intimate knowledge of industrial control systems (ICS) is enabling Leonardo to improve threat detection.

“The cyber threat to critical infrastructure, industrial systems and operational technology networks is at an all-time high, thus generating growing customer demand for better protection,” said Andrea Biraghi, Managing Director of Leonardo’s Security and Information Systems Division. “We’ve partnered with Nozomi Networks because they provide the strongest possible solution when it comes to detecting anomalies early and proactively, preventing threats within our customers’ environments.”

Currently in its third generation of technology, Nozomi Networks provides an end-to-end platform for ICS cyber security and operational reliability. Capabilities include real-time ICS monitoring, industrial network visualization, hybrid ICS threat and anomaly detection, asset inventory and vulnerability assessment.

For its part, Leonardo is pursuing an open innovation approach in line with the strategic drivers of its Industrial Plan. The company will collaborate with the best and brightest universities and national institutions in each of the countries it operates, all the while fostering innovative start-ups to integrate the very best technologies.

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