Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) for Military projects within the region of the South Texas Area Office (STAO), Fort Worth District (SWF)

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) for Military projects within the region of the South Texas Area Office (STAO), Fort Worth District (SWF)

Department of the Army

Official Address:
PO Box 17300 Fort Worth TX 76102-0300

Zip Code:

Daina R. Black, Contract Specialist, Phone 817-886-1031, Email – Linda Eadie , Contracting Officer, Phone 816-886-1085, Email


Date Posted:


Contract Description:
C – Architect-Engineer Services

General Information

Document Type: Presolicitation Notice
Solicitation Number: W9126G-18-R-0111
Posted Date: 16 July 2018
Original Response Date: 22 August 2018
Current Response Date: 22 August 2018
Archive Date: N/A
Classification Code: C — Architect and Engineering (A-E) Services
Title: Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) for Military projects within the region of the South Texas Area Office (STAO), Fort Worth District (SWF)

Contracting Office Address

U.S. Army Corps of Engineer District, Fort Worth; P.O. Box 17300; 819 Taylor Street; Room 2A17; Fort Worth, Texas 76102-0300.



This announcement is an unrestricted procurement of one (1) A-E Services Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC), in accordance with Public Law (PL) 92-582, 40 USC Chapter 11 Selection of Architects and Engineers, Public Law (PL) 92-582, formally known as the Brooks Act, as implemented in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 36.6. Firms must demonstrate competence and qualifications for the required work, stated in this synopsis, for selection for negotiation. The contract is anticipated to be awarded on or about December 2018.

The award of this IDC will provide Fort Worth District (SWF) A-E Services to support projects on the military installations within SWF’s South Texas Area Office (STAO) area of responsibility. The core installations within this area are Fort Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base, Camp Bullis, Randolph Air Force Base, Camp Stanley, Laughlin Air Force Base, and Corpus Christi Army Depot.

This announcement is open to all firms regardless of size. One (1) firm-fixed-price contract will be negotiated. If a large business is selected for this contract, it must comply with FAR 52.219-9 regarding the requirement for a subcontracting plan on the work it intends to subcontract. The subcontracting plan is not required with this submittal, but will be required with the fee proposal of the firm selected for negotiations. The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for this procurement is 541330 (Engineering Services), which has a small business size standard of $15,000,000.

The awardee will be subject to the requirements of FAR Part 52.219-14 “Limitations on Subcontracting”.

The IDC will consist of one (1) one-year base ordering period and four (4) one-year option periods, for a total of five (5) years using FAR Clauses 52.217-8 and 52.217-9. The value of all task orders issued under this IDC will not exceed $28,000,000. Work will be issued by negotiation of firm-fixed-price task orders under the requirements of the awarded IDC. The awardee has the option to decline an individual task order that exceeds an amount of $10,000,000. A minimum guarantee amount of $2,500 will apply to the base ordering period only. The award of task orders under this IDC will be subject to the requirements of DFARS 219.502-1 and 219.502-2.

Eligibility for the IDC award requires registration of the offeror with the System for Award Management (SAM) database. Register via the SAM Internet site at NO STATE-LEVEL certifications will be accepted.

2. PROJECT INFORMATION: The services necessary for each requirement will be negotiated and awarded as individual task orders. No specific projects or tasks are identified at this time and therefore funds are not presently available for individual task orders under this solicitation. Future task orders may include but are not limited to the following multi-disciplined design support and consultant services: military construction programming, planning, studies, preparation of documents for design-build and design-bid-build requests for proposals (RFPs), cost estimating (utilizing MII), topographic and boundary survey, energy studies and audits, independent technical reviews, construction management services, site investigations, commissioning, value engineering services, subsurface geotechnical investigation, testing, and reports, environmental studies, testing, and reports, hazardous materials testing and abatement plans, and other design services.

The design-build and design-bid-build projects include new construction and demolition, renovation, and repairs to existing facilities.

The A-E shall furnish all services, materials, supplies, and supervision required to fully complete each task order.

3. SELECTION CRITERIA: The selection criteria are listed below in descending order of importance (first by major criterion and then by each sub-criterion). Criteria a-e are primary. Criteria f-h are secondary and will only be used to rank the contractors among the technically qualified contractors.

In this synopsis the term “recent” means A-E tasks orders or contracts completed within the last ten (10) years of the synopsis closing date. Older projects will not be considered.

(a) Specialized Experience and Technical Competence. Ensure that all specialized experience requirements are reflected on appropriate personnel resumes in Section E and example projects in Section F, Part I of the SF 330. For criteria listed below, recent experience of subcontractors may be submitted to demonstrate applicable experience and competence provided the nature and extent of all team arrangements are identified and disclosed. Offerors should describe the nature and extent of prior teaming experience with the proposed subcontractors.

The firm must demonstrate expertise in the following:

(1) In Section E, Part I the relevant projects provided shall show recent experience performing studies and developing the documents required for design-build and design-bid-build projects (scopes of work, drawings, specifications, current working estimates, and design analyses) for military type facilities and infrastructure (for example a civilian motel is similar to a military barracks). More weight will be given to design-bid-build projects and to projects designed within the past five (5) years.

(2) In Section F, Part I provide project examples that best illustrate the proposed team’s experience for this IDC. More weight will be given to design-bid-build projects designed within the past five (5) years.

The project examples shall:

i. Include the project name and location.

ii. Provide three (3) project examples minimum. At least two (2) project examples shall have a design fee of $2M or greater. The remaining project examples shall have design fees of not less than $300,000. The total design fees stated shall be the actual amount performed by the firm. For example, if the firm performed $100,000 for mechanical design on a $2M project, state the amount of design/A-E Services as $100,000, not $2M.

(3) In Section E and F, Part I demonstrate the team’s capability to design projects in accordance with the latest DOD Force Protection/Anti-Terrorism criteria, UFC codes, LEED certification, DOD Guiding Principles Compliance, EISA 2007 Section 438, commissioning, and ASHRAE 90.1 requirements.

(4) In Section E and F, Part I demonstrate the team’s ability to prepare drawings using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software. All drawings produced for these contracts shall be in compliance with the Architect/Engineering/Construction CADD standards as issued by the CADD/BIM Technology Center The Government will only accept the final products, without conversion or reformatting. The A-E must have the capabilities to provide cadd drawings using MicroStation and AutoCAD. The A-E must also have the capabilities to provide 3D Building Information Models using Bentley BIM and Autodesk Revit.

(5) In Section E and F, Part I demonstrate the team’s experience editing UFGS specifications using the SpecsIntact software.

(6) In Section E and F, Part I demonstrate the team’s ability to prepare construction cost estimates. Experience using the MII program, latest version, is preferred.

(b) Professional Qualifications. The offeror shall demonstrate that all expertise requirements are met on key personnel resumes in section E, Part I of the SF330. When a minimum number of years/experience is listed, it is within the past ten (10) years from the closing date of the synopsis. The following is a list of the key personnel, minimum requirements and the minimum number required for the IDC under this acquisition. These minimum requirements can be met utilizing in-house or consultants/subcontractors. Do not list a subcontractor as your firm’s employee, as this will be cause for rejection of the SF330. Additional personnel other than the required will not be evaluated.

Two (2) Project Managers;
Three (3) registered Civil Engineers;
Two (2) registered Landscape Architects;
Three (3) registered Structural Engineers;
Three (3) registered Architects;
Three (3) registered Electrical Engineers;
Three (3) registered Mechanical Engineers;
Two (2) registered Fire Protection Engineers (to qualify: the person shall be a registered professional engineer, with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience dedicated to fire protection engineering, and have ONE of the following: (a) a degree in Fire Protection Engineering from an accredited university OR (b) have passed the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveys (NCEES) fire protection engineering examination);
One (1) registered Environmental Engineer;
One (1) registered Geotechnical Engineer;
One (1) registered Hydraulic Engineer;
One (1) certified Cost Estimators with MII experience;
One (1) registered professional Land Surveyor;
One (1) certified Value Specialist

All work must be done by or under the direct supervision of licensed Engineers and/or Architects. All personnel shall show five (5) years’ experience, minimum, in their field of expertise within the recent ten (10) years. To show this experience, provide relevant projects, in section E, that span five (5) years, minimum. For example, if the resume includes a project performed in March 2011 it shall include at least a second project performed in March 2016, or later, to demonstrate the five (5) years.

Evaluation of each discipline will consider education, registration, relevant project experience and longevity with the firm. Engineers and architects shall have a degree from an accredited university engineering or architectural program (ABET, NAAB). The cost estimator does not have to be a PE or registered architect. The cost estimator shall be certified by AACE, Tri-Services, or any of the nationally recognized cost estimating certification organizations. Certified Value Specialist(s) shall have a current certification by SAVE International. The Professional Land Survey shall be licensed in the state of Texas. The Project Manager is not required to have a PMP, but it is preferred. The greater number of personnel resumes with LEED accreditation will also be given preference.

Provide a separate employee for each stated requirement above to meet the number required, no dual roles. The title of the roles on the resumes and organizational chart must match the required discipline. Do not submit additional personnel resumes in addition to those required.

(c) Past Performance. In Section H, Part I, SF 330, provide past performance evaluations. The firms will be evaluated in terms of work quality, compliance to schedules, and cost controls, with emphasis on projects submitted under factor (a), as determined from the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) and other sources. Submit letters of commendation, awards, previous project evaluations, etc. to show past performance. The Government will retrieve the past performance evaluation for the Joint Venture if the offeror is a JV. If the JV has no past performance evaluation the past performance evaluation will be retrieved for each JV partner. Past performance evaluations will not be retrieved for the proposed subcontractors.

(d) Capacity. In Section H, Part I, SF 330, demonstrate the team’s capacity to complete the full design (drawings and specifications) of three (3) projects, each with a design fee greater than $1M, concurrently, within ten (10) months, and at separate installations.

(e) Knowledge of Locality. In Section H, Part I, SF 330, describe the team’s familiarity and knowledge of standards, codes, laws, and permit requirements for the installations within the STAO area of responsibility.

The following items (f thru h) are the secondary criteria:

(f) Volume of DoD Contract Awards. In Section H, Part I, SF 330, provide the volume of DOD contact awards, stated in dollars, for each firm for the past twelve (12) months (see details in subsequent paragraph 4(f)). Include the awards to all branch offices. Provide the project name, district, contract number, dollar amount, and the month/year of the award.

(g) Geographic Proximity. In Section H, Part I, SF 330, provide the physical location of a firm in relation to the location of potential projects. The geographic location for this IDC is the SWF STAO area of responsibility.

(h) Utilization of Small Business Firms. In Section H, Part I, SF 330, provide a description of the prime and any subcontractor’s affiliation as a small business. Per FAR 52.219-8 Utilization of Small Business Concerns (Oct 2014), it is the policy of the United States that small business concerns, veteran-owned small business concerns, service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, HUBZone small business concerns, small disadvantaged business concerns, and women-owned small business concerns shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in performing contracts let by any Federal agency. Also discuss the goals for subcontracting small and small disadvantaged businesses in sufficient detail to allow evaluators to determine the amount and whether the goals are realistic and justifiable. The greater the participation, the greater the consideration.

4. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENT: In an effort to reduce paperwork and cost, submit ALL SF 330s electronically via the AMRDEC SAFE website at: At the AMRDEC SAFE website, select the link: For users without a CAC OR if your computer is not configured to read your CAC. Using this option will allow you to access the SAFE site as a guest. When completing the information for transmittal at the AMRDEC SAFE website, submit the notification to:

(a) Interested firms (single firms or joint ventures) having the capabilities to perform this work must submit a SF 330 (3/2013 Edition), for the prime firm and all consultants/subcontractors to the site stated above not later than 1:00 P.M. (Central Time) on the response date indicated above. If the response date is a Saturday, Sunday or Federal Holiday, the deadline is 1:00 P.M. the next business day. Late proposal rules found in FAR 15.208 will be followed for late submittals. Submission by telephonic facsimile or in paper will NOT be accepted. Personal visits to discuss this announcement will not be allowed.

(b) Submit a compiled SF 330, Part I, completed in accordance with the SF 330 instructions and additional instructions herein. It must contain information in sufficient detail to identify the team (prime, other offices of the prime firm, and subcontractors) proposed for the IDC. Do not include company literature with the SF 330.

(c) Use no smaller than 10 font type using Standard English. Pages in excess of the maximums listed will not be used in evaluation of the selection criteria. Number the paragraphs of the SF 330 to correspond to the paragraph numbers in this synopsis. Submit the SF 330’s in searchable PDF format.

(d) Organizational charts can be up to two (2) pages, if needed, on 8 ½ x 11 paper.


(a) In Section C, identify the discipline/service supplied by each firm. With the firm name provide whether the firm is small business and what type.

(b) In Section D, include a Team Project Organization Chart to indicate how each firm on the proposed team (prime and each subcontractor is identified in Section C) integrates into the composite team. Job titles and organization chart must match the required discipline titles.

(c) In Section E, provide brief resumes of the on-staff or subcontractor employees you intend to use to perform the work. Resumes must be submitted for each employee required to meet the minimums stated above in paragraph 3(b).

(d) In Section F, provide a minimum of three (3) but no more than five (5) projects for consideration. Specify on each project the value of the A-E Service performed. Use no more than one page per project.

(e) In Section G, Block 26, list the names of all individuals included in the resumes in Section E in Block G-26 along with their firm name, firm location and their roles even if example project experience in Block G-28 is not applicable.

(f) In Section H, provide a narrative to address each of the requirements, including subparagraphs, of items listed in Section 3, Selection Criteria, of this synopsis. When addressing team capabilities, clarify planned capability, existing capability and prior experiences, if applicable. Include any other relevant information including a short discussion of why the firm is especially qualified based upon the specific selection criteria listed in Section 3 herein. For Section 3 (f), provide an itemized summary of DoD contract awards to include Agency, Contract Number/Task Order No., Project Title and amount. (Note: award of Indefinite Delivery Contracts should not be counted as award amounts, only actual task orders) Generally, provide a brief presentation of internal controls and procedures that demonstrate the firm’s overall Design Quality Management Plan (DQMP,) which provides sufficient information about this plan and clearly explains the ability of the firm to control costs, schedule and quality of work to be submitted to the Government. A project-specific detailed quality control plan must be prepared and approved by the Government as a condition of contract award, but is not required with this submission. Indicate the estimated percentage involvement of each firm on the proposed team. Do not exceed 20 pages for Section H.


(a) Responding firms must submit a copy of a current and accurate SF 330, Part II for the specific prime, as well as for other offices of the prime and subcontractor offices proposed to perform the work, even if one is already on file. All Part IIs MUST be signed (signed within the past 36 months from the closing date of the synopsis) and dated either by an original handwritten signature or a cut and pasted facsimile of an original signature. Indicate in Block 5b of each Part II, if the firm is a Small Disadvantaged Business, Small Business, HUBZone, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, or Woman-Owned Small Business. To be classified as a small business, a firm’s average annual receipts or sales for the preceding three (3) fiscal years must not exceed $15,000,000.

(b) In Block No. 4, Part II, provide the Data Universal Numbering system (DUNS) number issued by Dun and Bradstreet Information System (1-866-705-5711) for the prime A-E or Joint Venture. The DUNS number must be for the firm or joint venture performing the work.

(c) Solicitation packages are not provided for this IDC and no additional project information will be given to firms during this announcement period. Facsimile transmissions will not be accepted. Points of Contact: Contracting – Ms. Daina Black: and Technical – Ms. Rachel Guthmueller, PE: All questions must be submitted through the ProjNet System.


(a) Technical inquiries and questions relating to proposal procedures or bonds are to be submitted via Bidder Inquiry in ProjNet at

(b) To submit and review bid inquiry items, bidders will need to be a current registered user or self-register into the system. To self-register go to web page, click BID tab select Bidder Inquiry, select agency USACE, enter Key for this solicitation listed below, and your e-mail address, click login. Fill in all required information and click create user. Verify that information on next screen is correct and click to continue.

(c) From this page you may view all bidder inquiries or add an inquiry. Only one question will be allowed per inquiry. If multiple questions are included in a single inquiry, only the first question will be answered. All others will remain unanswered until entered in as single inquiries.

(d) Bidders will receive an acknowledgement of their question via email, followed by an answer to their question after it has been processed by our technical team.

(e) The Solicitation Number is: W9126G-18-R-0057

(f) The Bidder Inquiry Key is: CD43AA-F9Y96Z

(g) The Bidder Inquiry System will be closed to new inquiries seven (7) calendar days prior to proposal submission in order to ensure adequate time is allotted to form an appropriate response and amend the solicitation, if necessary. If the System is not closed in a timely manner, an inquiry posted within seven (7) calendar days of the scheduled receipt of proposals date will still be regarded as untimely and will not be afforded a substantive response.

(h) Offerors are requested to review the specification in its entirety and review the Bidder Inquiry System for answers to questions prior to submission of a new inquiry.

(i) The bidder call center Help Line operates weekdays from 8am to 5pm U.S. Central Time Zone (Chicago). The telephone number for the Call Center is 1-800-428-HELP (1-800-428-4357).

(j) Offers will NOT be publicly opened. Information concerning the status of the evaluation and/or award will NOT be available after receipt of proposals.

Phone calls to discuss the solicitation are discouraged unless absolutely necessary. Personal visits for the purpose of discussing this solicitation are not allowed. To verify your proposal has been delivered you may e-mail:


Response Date:

Sol Number:


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