01 Aug 2017

HMS Astute operational after two year capability upgrade

HMS Astute, the Royal Navy’s hunter-killer submarine, has made a triumphant return to the high seas following the completion of a comprehensive capability upgrade and an intensive period of sea training.

This rigorous training phase has put HMS Astute and her crew through their paces to ensure the submarine is ready and able to respond to any emergencies while also taking part in ongoing high-intensity operations.

HMS Astute completed her first operational deployment in 2014. Since returning home to HM Naval Base Clyde in June 2015, the submarine has undergone a period of planned maintenance to make certain she is in top condition.

The measures practiced were exhaustive, with sea training parceled out into separate phases. Fire frighting and damage control exercises took place; as did the weapon certification of the UK’s anti-surface and anti-submarine weapon system.

Things culminated in an all-out war simulation with airborne, surface and subsurface threats acting simultaneously.

It has been a remarkable achievement getting Astute back to sea after a significant period alongside,” said the Commanding Officer of HMS Astute. “The ship’s company all performed incredibly over the past two years and we are now looking forward to operational tasking at sea.

In addition to UK assets, HMS Astute trained alongside Canadian Maritime Patrol Aircraft and conducted an exercise with a separate NATO submarine. This was an opportunity not to be missed. Collaboration with NATO partners allowed the crew to practice core elements of joint operations and put its equipment upgrades to the test against another navies’ anti-submarine capabilities.

Commissioned in 2010, HMS Astute is the first of seven new Astute Class hunter-killer submarines to be constructed for the Royal Navy.

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