29 Jun 2017

FMQ-19 Fixed Base Weather Tower Sources Sought

Type of document: Contract Notice
Country: United States

FMQ-19 Fixed Base Weather Tower Sources Sought

Department of the Air Force

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9 Eglin Street Hanscom AFB MA 01731

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Daniel R. Koble, Contract Specialist , Phone 7812255044, Email daniel.koble@us.af.mil


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Contract Description:

The Sources Sought Synopsis is hereby amended to remove:
1) Reference to a production contract – the follow-on will be for Contractor Logictic Support.  There is no plan to issue any production contract.
2) Reference to FMQ-23 – this was a typo, this notice is for the FMQ-19 contract.
3) ICS – the notice is for Contactor Logistic Support (CLS) and not Interim Contractor Support (ICS)




Fixed Base Weather Observation System (FBWOS) Sustainment Effort


The Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Battle Management Directorate, Aerospace Management Systems Division, Weather Systems Branch AFLCMC/HBAW, Hanscom AFB, MA is issuing a Sources Sought Synopsis to identify companies that have the capabilities to provide sustainment for the AN/FMQ-19 Fixed Base Weather Observation System (FBWOS).  AFLCMC/HBAW is planning to extend the current Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) and Help Desk on the FMQ-19 contract, FA8217-12-D-0002.  The extension will provide sustainment of all fielded FMQ-19 systems until the award of the planned sole-source follow-on contract. This survey will be one of the factors used by the Government in the acquisition planning process.  This is not a Request for Quote (RFQ), or Notice of Contract Action (NOCA). It should not be construed as a commitment of any kind by the Government to issue a formal solicitation or ultimately award a contract in connection with this announcement. This Sources Sought is to assist with Market Research to determine if responsible sources exist and to determine if this effort can be competitive and/or a total small business set aside. The Government is interested in all small businesses to include 8(a), Service-Disable Veteran-Owned, HubZone, and Women Owned Small Business concerns.

Any information submitted by respondents to this synopsis is strictly voluntary.  The Government will not pay for any information that is submitted by respondents to this Sources Sought Synopsis.  The Government requests interested parties submit a statement of their qualifications with respect to the criteria described herein.  To the maximum extent possible, please submit non-proprietary information.  Any proprietary information submitted should be identified as such and will be properly protected from disclosure.  No classified information shall be submitted.

Any response submitted by respondents to this synopsis constitutes consent for that submission to be reviewed by Government personnel, Federally Funded Research and Development Center employees, and Advisory & Assistance Services contractor employees supporting the Weather Systems Branch, AFLCMC/HBAW, unless the respondent clearly objects in writing to the release of the submission to Federally Funded Research and Development Contractor employees and Advisory & Assistance Services Contractor employees supporting the Weather Systems Branch, AFLCMC/HBAW, in a cover letter accompanying its capabilities package.

The proposed North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code for the overall program is 541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. The size standard for this NAICS code is $15M.  We are seeking and are open to all types of small business participation.  Please state if your company is a small business, small disadvantaged business, section 8(a) small business, woman-owned small business, service disabled veteran-owned small business or historically underutilized business zone small business under this NAICS code and size standard.

The place of performance shall be at the contractor facility.







Fixed Base Weather Observation System (FBWOS) Sustainment Effort

The following offeror information must be provided:

  1. Company Name
  2. CAGE code and DUNS number
  3. Address
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Fax Number
  6. Email Address
  7. Point of Contact for further clarification or questions
  8. Company Size relative to NAICS code 541990
  9. Based on the NAICS code 541990and a size standard of $15M, please identify all of the following that are applicable:  HubZone small business, 8(a) participation, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, small disadvantaged business, or women-owned small business.


•1.      Interested parties must submit a capabilities package, with a cover letter, that is concise, yet clearly demonstrates ability to meet the stated requirements with adequate staffing of qualified personnel.  The capabilities package shall clearly present evidence that the interested party is fully capable of providing the required service, and as such may contain any information that the interested party feels is relevant.  The capabilities package requirements are to be presented in accordance with the major sections outlined in the Capabilities Package Requirements section.

•2.      Responses shall not exceed 5 single-spaced pages, 12 point Times New Roman font typed with at least 1″ margins.  Each page of your package shall be printable on 8 ½” x 11″ paper.  Cover, tab dividers, title pages, glossaries, and table of contents are not required.  Delivery of a Compact Disc (CD) is acceptable.  Please note:  emails containing file types such as: .zip, .xlsx, .docx, or other macro-enabled extensions may not be delivered to the intended recipients.

Submissions may also be received through AMRDEC SAFE () web application. The AMRDEC SAFE application is used to send large files to individuals which would normally be too large to send via email or to send files with macro-enabled extensions. Everyone has free access to AMRDEC SAFE, and the application is available for use by anyone.

•3.      Additional relevant information shall be provided as an attachment and shall not exceed two single-spaced pages, 12 point Times New Roman font typed with at least 1″ margins.  Each page of the attachment shall be printable on 8 ½” x 11″ paper.  Delivery of a Compact Disc (CD) is acceptable.  Please note:  emails containing file types such as: .zip, .xlsx, .docx, or other macro-enabled extensions may not be delivered to the intended recipients.

Submissions may also be received through AMRDEC SAFE () web application. The AMRDEC SAFE application is used to send large files to individuals which would normally be too large to send via email. Everyone has free access to AMRDEC SAFE, and the application is available for use by anyone.

•4.      If further information/clarification is needed, please contact Kimberly McPhillips, Contracting Officer, at DSN 845-2910, Commercial (781) 225-2910, kimberly.mcphillips@us.af.mil.

•5.      Responses are to be mailed to AFLCMC/HBAK, Attention:  Kimberly McPhillips, 75 Vandenberg Drive, Bldg 1630, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731, or can be emailed/AMRDEC SAFE to kimberly.mcphillips@us.af.mil, received no later than 11 July 2017, 3:00 p.m. EST.

•6.      An AFLCMC Ombudsman is available to consider and facilitate the resolution of concerns from offerors, potential offers, and others for this acquisition. Before consulting the Ombudsman, concerned parties should first address their concerns, issues and disagreements, and/or recommendation to the listed Contracting Officer above for resolution. The AFLCMC/XZC Ombudsman, located at Wright Patterson AFB, OH serves as the Ombudsman for all of AFLCMC, including its GSUs. The Ombudsman hears concerns about specific issues in acquisitions, communicates those concerns from industry or Government personnel, and assists in the resolution of those concerns. The Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals, the source selection process, or the adjudication of protests or formal contract disputes, nor does the Ombudsman diminish the authority of the program manager, contracting officer, or source selection official. When approached with an issue or query, the Ombudsman independently assesses the situation and provides a response or initiates a resolution, and when requested, will maintain confidentiality as to the source of the inquiry. The AFLCMC ombudsman can be contacted at:

AFLCMC Ombudsman

1790 10th Street Bldg 572

Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433

Telephone: 937-255-5512

Email: kenneth.decker.1@us.af.mil



AN/FMQ-19 Overview


1.      The AN/FMQ-19 FBWOS is a fielded program that represents an integrated system of multiple weather sensors and data automation components.  The AN/FMQ-19 FBWOS is designed to continually measure the conditions of the environment at military installations in support of flight safety and asset protection.  The AN/FMQ-19 FBWOS weather sensors and data automation components are integrated into a fully automated weather observation system.  The FMQ-19 includes ten different types of weather sensors, three types of data automation equipment, power regulation and distribution units, and 3-meter and 10-meter support towers (Figure 1-1). Data are transferred from the sensors to the automation equipment via copper wire, leased line, or fiber optic cables. Data are displayed on either a 15″ or 10″ flat screen Operator Interface Device (OID) or a 14″ CRT found at the Terminal Data Acquisition Unit (TDAU).  It also includes a server with Airport Weather Advisory (AWA) restricted software, a Data Collection Platform with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and all additional equipment (e.g., hardware, software, and firmware) necessary to ensure proper operation within the AN/FMQ-19 FBWOS and its interface with external systems such as Joint Environmental Toolkit (JET). Additionally, this observation system will interface with a number of local communications and weather forecast system(s) at each of the 109 sites Air Force and Army sites throughout the United States, Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Pacific.

2.      The system is capable of accurately sampling, measuring, and reporting temperature, wind speed and direction, visibility, cloud base height and amount of coverage, pressure, liquid equivalent precipitation accumulation, day/night, lightning, runway light intensity and ice accretion during freezing precipitation, if applicable.  These measurements will be used to derive elements that are required to create properly formatted, fully automated observations that comply with applicable DoD and AF Standards. The AN/FMQ-19 system detects, collects, and publishes/delivers this information for ingest by Air Force Weather Weapon System (AFWWS) weather forecast systems.


3.      The AN/FMQ-19 is adaptable/flexible/expandable and capable of incorporating multiple sensor groups, modularity of the design to permit future expansion, and scalability for deployment of the system in different configurations (primary, midfield, and discontinuity), and ease of Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) replacement.




1.      The purpose of this effort is to provide CLS and Help Desk services necessary to sustain the AN/FMQ-19 in its baseline configuration worldwide in accordance with the requirements. The contractor will accomplish the following:

a.       Program Management, Logistics Support [Helpdesk Support, Maintenance, Spares and Repair Management, Configuration Control Board (CCB) support, Obsolescence, Systems Engineering, Government Furnished Property (GFP) Management, materials, shipping, travel, etc.], Computer Resource Support, Engineering Change Proposals (ECP/CCP), , Cyber Security, , and Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) deliverables develop a Quality Management System, and develop maintenance releases covering deficiency backlog resolution and adaptive maintenance actions.

b.      Support and/or perform system design changes, upgrades, and enhancements due to technical refresh of component capability, obsolescence, and diminishing sources.

Relevant Experience


1.      Based on this scope of work, the following should be addressed as part of your response to this Sources Sought:

a.       Please provide up to three (3) examples showing experience performing sustainment and modernization of dispersed systems of similar value, size, and scope within the last five (5) years including contract number, indication of whether your firm acted as a prime or subcontractor, contract value, Government/Agency point of contact and current telephone number, and a brief description of how the contract relates to the sustainment services described herein.

b.      Describe in detail logistics support of an Automated Weather Observation System, including helpdesk management, spares and repair management, software and hardware integration, failure reporting and analysis, obsolescence forecasting, engineering and technical support, remote maintenance, technical manuals, and training.

c.       Please detail your experience with Help Desk services, including after-hours support and your expertise/experience with the Remedy suite of help desk management software. [e.g., 557th Weather Wing Fielded System Support Center (FSSC) REMEDY Action Request System (ARS) at Offutt AFB, NE.]

d.      Please provide any company experience in Risk Management Framework for DoD Information Technology documentation and tools, Host-Based Security System (HBSS), Air Force Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC), and Time Compliance Network Order (TCNO)/Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert (IAVA) evaluation/application.

e.       Describe in detail any working involvement your company has had with the AN/FMQ-19 or similar system.

f.       Please provide any company experience interfacing with weather sensors, including serial and serial-to-IP interfaces.

g.      Please explain your company’s expertise and proficiency in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

h.      Describe in detail any experience your company has supporting an Automated Weather Observation System in which you were not the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). If so, please provide detailed information, including how you interfaced with the OEM(s).

i.        Describe in detail any experience your company has with implementation and installation of Time Compliant Technical Orders (TCTO) / Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert and modifications.

j.        Describe any industry certifications that your company presently holds, including Industry Standard Organization (ISO) 9001:2008, Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), or any others.

k.      Does your company have experience with contracts or purchasing agreements with fixed prices? Please provide duration of contract or purchasing agreement and specify contract type.

l.        Describe in detail any experience your company has supporting Government (DoD, USAF) testing organizations for hardware or software.

m.    Describe in detail any experience your company has in writing or updating technical manuals including conformance with formatting for DoD users.

n.      Should your company be awarded a CLS contract for support of the AN/FMQ-19, please describe a notional ramp up plan, including timeline and cost, for your company to be prepared to takeover support of these systems. Specifically:

i.         Please detail current facilities or warehouse space available for the storage of Government Furnished Property (GFP) spare parts and describe your process and timeline for securing the facilities, acquiring spare parts from the incumbent contractor, and starting work orders for maintenance/repair of fielded systems.

ii.         Please detail current manpower availability including experience level with CLS and/or automated weather observations systems or describe your process and timeline for securing the necessary expertise.


This is a sources sought synopsis only and does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that AFLCMC/HBAW will take procurement action in this matter.  This is NOT a request for proposals, applications, proposal abstracts, or quotations.  This request for capability information shall not be construed as an obligation on the part of the Government.  Further, the Government will NOT be responsible to reimburse any submitters of information for any cost incurred in furnishing this information.  The Government reserves the right to use information provided by respondents for any purpose deemed necessary and legally appropriate.  Any organization responding to this notice should ensure that its response is complete and sufficiently detailed.  Information provided will be used to assess tradeoffs and alternatives available for the potential requirement and may lead to the development of a solicitation.  Respondents are advised that the Government is under no obligation to provide feedback to respondents with respect to any information submitted.

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