26 Sep 2017

Exercise Formidable Shield begins

A US-led multinational maritime integrated air and ballistic missile defence exercise has begun off the coast of Scotland.

Lasting a month Exercise Formidable Shield will see A Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer and two Type 23 Frigates, alongside ships and crews from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States, join one of the most sophisticated and complex air and missile exercises ever undertaken in the UK.

The allies will work together to detect, track and shoot down both anti-ship and ballistic missile targets. 13 ships will fire on 12 live missile targets over four days, improving how allies work together in an air and missile defence environment.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “North Korean tests have shown the danger of rogue states developing longer range missiles. By hosting this cutting-edge exercise in anti-missile defence with allied navies Britain is at the forefront of developing a more effective response to this growing threat.”

Rear Admiral Paul Bennett, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Capability) said the exercise was an excellent showcase for the UK’s defensive capabilities. He commented: “Formidable Shield is a terrific example of the leading role that the UK plays in development of maritime air and missile defence – protecting our people and working with our allies.”

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