24 Oct 2017

European Cyber Security Month

European Cyber Security Month

October is the fifth European Cyber Security Month, the EU’s annual campaign that aims to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security and provide education on how organisations can protect themselves online.

With this in mind, the video below has been put together to help educate organisations about the threats posed by cyber breaches and what can be done to combat them – with statistics taken from the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017.

European Cyber Security Month – Did You Know? from BIP Solutions on Vimeo.

European Cyber Security Month

The European Cyber Security Month aims to:

  • generate general awareness about cyber security
  • generate specific awareness around Network and Information Security (NIS)
  • promote safer use of the Internet for all users
  • build a strong track record to raise awareness through the European Cyber Security Month
  • increase national media interest in cyber security throughout Europe
  • enhance attention and interest in information security through political and media coordination

Following the revelation that the UK is trailing the rest of the world in cyber security and businesses are in the midst of cutting cyber security budgets, the European Cyber Security Month may be the perfect event to share with colleagues to spread awareness of the threats that exist.



ECSM is the EU’s annual awareness campaign that takes place each October across Europe. The aim is to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cyber security among citizens and organizations; and provide resources to protect themselves online, through education and sharing of good practices.

How Cyber Essentials Can Help

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