24 May 2017

EDA launches ESF4KSC

The EDA has launched a free of charge scheme, which will provide support to industry, RTOs, universities, MODs and armed forces, looking to maximise their chances of funding from the European Social Fund.

The scheme will seek out projects that would benefit from their advisory services, giving them the maximum chance of receiving funding. The EDA has issued to Ministries of Defence (MoDs) a “Request for Projects” to collect projects enhancing Key Skills and Competencies for Defence (KSC).

Industry, Research-and-Technology Organisations, Universities, entities of the MOD/Armed Forces, as well as other holders of potential projects supporting KSC, can address their MoD to receive the relevant documentation in view of submitting KSC-related projects to their MoD for further submission to the EDA. Once received KSC-related project proposals through the MoD (by the deadline September 18, 2017), EDA will then select some to benefit free-of-charge from high-level advisory services on ESF requirements and to fully develop the application folder, by eventually applying in response to ESF Calls for Proposals.

Since 2014 EDA assists various defence stakeholders to access to EU funding and has been successfully supporting selected pilot dual-use R&T projects applying to the main ESIF, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), thereby paving the way to the acknowledgement that ESIF may fund defence projects [see European Defence Action Plan, COM(2016) 950, 30/11/2016].

Based on past and ongoing EDA’s studies, now EDA addresses its support to access EU funding both to skills in defence industry/RTOs and procurement competencies in MoDs/Armed Forces.


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